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Have just seen a wonderful nephrologist about my deteriorating GFR and was told about the effect that eating excessive amounts of protein or taking high protein supplements can raise your creatinine levels.i have been at slimming world where the eating plan allows you to consume large amounts of lean meat and eggs. This eating plan coincides with my rapid deterioration in kidney function. I would just like people to be aware that if you have a kidney problem initially and you are advised to lose weight for health reasons .. . yes you can lose weight quickly with this plan but it might not be healthy for you individually.ihave started to eat a diet that uses healthy foods for the kidney and just cut down on the amounts eaten .. I am continuing losing weight and my creatinnes have reduced remarkably.i have also been found to have a possible auto immune problem that is attacking my kidneys so hopefully am going to get to the bottom of my deteriorating kidney function.

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  • What foods are you eating then.

  • Hi Shannon,I researched foods that were kidney friendly and made a plan from that.. it is the opposite to what we are advised to eat for a normal " healthy " diet. White bread , white rice opposed to brown. Rice or corn based cereal with berries for breakfast . protein based foods such as eggs , bacon and sausage are not advised for breakfast. Only egg whites are used for CKD anyway. White toast with dairy free spread and I have soya or almond dairy free drinks ( thus reducing the dairy proteins but using plant based which is healthier for CKD )lunch is sandwich with low protein or vegetarian cheese. Gluten free wrap or white bread ,dairy free spread and small amount of either salmon or chicken or turkey.tomatoes and potatoes and baked beans should be avoided so I have lettuce , radish and cucumber salad.main meal is fish 3 times a week ,poultry ( I have reduced the servings)and a little lamb but no red meat. Loads of cabbage . Cauliflower , bell peppers, onions and courgettes. Reduced salt and gravy. Occasional banana , peeled apples and pears , cranberries, grapes. This might not be satisfactory for some people with CKD but I am trying to loose weight healthily for me( CK D with duplex kidney) hope this helps a little.

  • I would also like to know what foods you are eating. I am trying to limit protein as well. Thanks!

  • Hi nc7560 hope the reply to shannon1 helps. Though my nephrologist said just to eat healthily and reduce the amounts you eat is usually what most people need to do. Cut out the ' unhealthy ' proteins first that are not suitable for CKD.. egg yolk ,bacon ,sausages ,processed meats and replace them with healthy alternatives like home cooked poultry.good luck with sourcing new foods.x

  • After changing my diet I am over the moon to find my creatinine has gone from 107 to 88and my GFR from 42 to 55.also taking vitamin D as my level was low at 31.so happy. Merry Xmas to everyone.

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