My introduction and fears


I have been diagnosed as scarring in kidney problem from last 6 months. My doctor labelled me as a CKD patient. I got Cretanine level 1.3 at that time which is now 1.0. Other parameters are within range except some decline (marginal - less than 2 point below normal range) in sodium and cholride. My BP is 130/85 without medication and non diabetic.

I wish to know, how can I overcome this issue. I don't know what will happen to me in near future. I am only on pre-biotic medicines like cudo forte and renolog. Can any body guide me.

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  • Hi.

    Do you know at what stage you are at re your CKD you need to know what your eGFR is which should have showed up on your blood test result. My eGFR is 38 so I am at stage 3

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