Newbie Ckd 3a this week

I've recently been told I have ckd 3a, with Gfr 50. I'm 57. No reason for this, blood pressure is 129/72. I exercise every day by walking and dance once a week. Haven't been a great drinker of water though. I'm starting to be really careful about what I eat and staying off the alcohol. At the moment I take 3 omega three oil tablets, zinc and b6 and b12 vitamin daily. Do I need to take vitamin D in a small amount? Man thanks

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  • If on regular monitoring your CKD and eGFR are found to remain stable in the future, then you probably have little to be concerned about. Meanwhile, eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, avoiding salt and too much coffee plus keeping blood pressure and sugar levels under control and avoiding certain medications can all help.

  • Thanks Celtic, it certainly makes me think about what I'm eating and drinking more now. Do I request these potassium and phosphorus testing too, not sure what more the GP will do, I did ask him what had caused it and he told me it's my age!

  • You sound a very like me! I'm also 57, doc told me I'm stage 3a with a figure of around 50. Diagnosis was 3 years ago and since then my gfr has improved by a few %. I've come to realise that probably NSAIDs did the damage over a number of years. I think you should be told more about this condition when the doc tells you to use ibuprofen, you get the feeling that they are perfectly safe, but in reality they are not if used regularly. I also am otherwise perfectly healthy, low blood pressure, don't smoke, rarely drink so think this is the only reason why I've got this. As Celtic has said, if you are stable, and keep to a healthy lifestyle, there's no reason why you should not carry on living a normal life. I was terrified at first when I found out but am now fairly philosophical about it. I don't feel any different, have few real symptoms. My GP told me that due to the way the disease is now recorded, more people are diagnosed with this and doctors are obliged to tell their patients. In the past, we wouldn't have been considered as having ckd. In fact other doctors I have seen in the same practice have expressed surprise at my request for the yearly blood test and have said 'what ckd'! Makes you feel a little nonplussed and wondering if doctors actually talk to each other or if they all get the same instructions..... One GP actually made me feel like a malingerer! Take care x

  • Thanks Jjlinden, I was also rather shocked this week, the GP just told me my results were 'low' , I had to press him for what was low and as I work for the NHS, I sort of knew what to expect, he wasn't very forthcoming with the answer. I shall make sure I am checked though regularly and keep up the healthier life style too.

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