Hi guys, I'm new to this kidney blog but have come on here as I am at a bit lost with it all. My EGFR is usually around the 40 mark with Creatinine around 160. Unfortunately I also have a couple of fractured vertebrae from my osteoporosis so I have recently been taking Amitriptylin for the pain. Now my Creatinine is 181 and EGFR is 33. Is it possible that the Amitriptylin could have caused the drop?

I've not actually been diagnosed with kidney disease but I guess I'm in trouble somehow. I'm seeing a Liver doctor every 6 weeks as I had that transplant around 9 months ago. They say is nothing to worry about and that it's just caused by my tacrolimus.

Many thanks


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  • Stop worrying yourself , forget about all that leave it to the professionals , the doctors and the sergens no one else, you trusted them with a transplant, now trust them with your medication and what they say !

  • Thanks for your input Bob, it was really the Amitriptylin that I'm curious about. I wouldn't say I'm overly worried, I didn't intend to give that impression.

    Hope you're well.


  • Well mike my liver side is absolutely brilliant, but in June they found some more cancer in my esophacus which I have had 3 months of kemo and now they intend to operate Saturday or Sunday 12 or 13 th November to hopefully remove it , they say it's very challenging because I've had a transplant but we will see

  • Fingers crossed Bob. you've had it rough eh?

    Like you haven't been through enough.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Mike

  • I bet you have 'Dr Michael'. This is a real concern to me, that someone may actually believe you and buy your 'cures, whilst favouring them over the prescribed medication.

  • Now there mike , been awhile your gfr at 33 is low n as you state your creative is high the two go hand in hand when there struggling a bit .prograf is sometimes the cause I wouldn't be so worried about your pain relief , my gfr was exactly the same but since havin my prograf reduced has gone up , I'd ask clinic to refer you to dr lipkin ( kidney dr ) for him to have a look your creating is up as your kidneys arnt filtering properly mike .how much prograf are you on ? As they wil reduce it more after 12 months ,good luck with your recovery .

  • Hi Adam, I hope you're keeping well. Thanks for the tip about Dr Linkin, I'll give that a try. I was on 3.5mg a day and they've just lowered it to 3mg daily, I doubt they'll be able to lower it any more than that.

    If the liver doctors are happy, then I'm not too concerned, but it's the Amitriptylin that I'm curious about , the Docs say it shouldn't affect my EGFR but it is known to be a factor, according to the leaflet etc. Also my U&Es have worsened since taking it, my LFTs are spot-on.


  • Good to hear your LFT is doing well , I know some pain relief can mess your gfr about I take paracetamol n codeine if needed my prograf is less than yours as my tact reading is good 7.6 which is good , id definitely see if they will get you to see dr lipkin mate , hopefully things will settle down

  • Dear Mike, I know that tacromlimus can have an adverse effect on kidneys, talk to your liver doctor about an alternative antiu-rejection. Your current GFR is enough to keep you well. Mine is at 28 (transplant) and I feel fine.

  • Thanks Hassmac, you're correct of course, the prograf can cause kidney issues and I did ask once about Sirolimus but the surgeons said that mortality is better with Prograf. I'm only on 3mg daily now so I don't yet know how much more they can safely reduce it.

    As you probably already know, the initial symptoms of kidney disease may often be minimal (tiredness, itching and darker urine etc.), but all I get is itching and urinating more often at night. Strange you having egfr 28, when mine went that low, I had to go back in to be given a saline drip for a few days.

    No, I really wanted to know if anyone knew if Amitriptylin causes Renal problems.

    Stay well Hassmac,


  • Hi tacrolimus levels are detremental for kidneys levels should be 4 to 7

    Iv had transplant so i learnt a lot in the past 3 months.regards chris

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