ConfusedCDK atstage3b

Lost4st on high protein diet recently ,put weight on one week with fluid retention . Blood tests say I have CKD 3b which deteriorated from 3a in 2 weeks. Scans are normal apart from duplex kidney .doctor says high protein diet can give high levels of creatinine and reduced grf.. mine is 44. Any one have similar problems . I also have low vit D at 31 and on amlodopine for raised BP which is now stable . Thank you.

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  • Hi SRN1969

    You mentioned fluid retention . . this will partly be because protein keeps the fluid in your vascular system, rather than in your tissues, resulting in swollen ankles, shortness of breath etc. It sounds like you are leaking protein in your urine. So therefore a high protein diet will kept keep the fluid retention at bay. Too much fluid (oedema ) can cause a multitude of problems , including high BP, hence the amlodipine. The high protein diet, usually involving meat, causes a higher creatinine when it breaks down.

    Maintaining the high protein diet, along with reducing your salt intake (it makes you thirsty and encourages the body to hold onto water) will help keep fluid retention away, which is a good thing.

    A bit rambling I know. Hope it explains a few things 😊

  • Thank you nicholala do you mean I have to carry on with high protein diet though my creatinine arehigh?

  • Have you been given medical advice to go on the high protein diet or is it a personal choice?

    If it's your choice then you should ask to speak to a renal dietician, who will tell you how much protein is safe. Avoid eating too much red meat in particular. Fish is probably better than red meat. Losing 4st is an incredible achievement and will help your general health no end. Well done!

    Having low vital D can cause other kidney related problems. At stage 3, my advice would be to have a balanced diet, avoid salt, eat a sensible amounts of carbs and don't overdo the red meat. A renal dietician should be your first port of call now. She will be able to give you sound advice and help you to keep off the weight you have lost.

  • Hi nicolala, I was advised to go to a slimming club to lose weight by my GP and started last year at slimming world which is high protein and reduced carbs . A few months ago I put on 3 1/2 in a week and had a swollen ankle when my bloods were taken I was stage 3a CKD and within 2 weeks stage3b.when I had a scan yesterday the doctor said a high protein diet can raise you creatinine and give a false gfr.i need to lose more weight but don't want to stay on a plan thati think is aggravating my C KD am very confused about what to do as my GP is being very slow to refer me to any body as yet Shecouldnt even help me with dosage of vitamin d and had to buy my own . Very worried to take anything that may affect my kidneys even further. So grateful for any guidance.. thank you.

  • I do Slimming World. It's a good diet for a renal patient. I eat pasta, rice and usually meat with it. Vitamin D is a good thing to take as it's linked to your absorption of vitamins c and calcium. Has anyone explained why this is low??

    Unless you are eating a pig's worth of bacon daily I wouldn't worry. Your weight loss will have so many benefits. Don't overdo the red meat. Chicken and fish, especially oily fish are good. You need some carbs for energy. GPS are often a bit vague about renal things -I make it my business to educate them whenever I visit!!

    At this stage you shouldn't have to worry about potassium -if a raised potassium is mentioned you will need to make changes, so come back here and I'll help.

    Drink plenty of fluids and take gentle exercise . Avoid salt! I do think a referral will be due in the near future, for now, your diet shouldn't be worsening your kidney function.

    Good luck with the weight loss and try not to worry too much. x

  • Thank you so much for your helpful reply Nicolala. So much good advice. I do hope you keep well and thank you .. you are an inspiration .

  • Thank you, but I'm not an inspiration 😊 I just have a lot of experience! Take care x

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