New to this. What do I ask my GP?

Prior to June this year my eGFR was >60 then in June it was 42 which my GP said was an anomaly and repeated it. It came back >60 which he said was good. Then in August the diabetic nurse repeated it and it was 49. She repeated it again in a few weeks and it was 54. I have to go back at the end of the month. No one has mentioned kidney disease or stage 3 or anything. I wonder if someone could tell me what questions I should be asking. Should I be looking for a referral to the hospital or what? Feel a bit in the dark.

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  • My eGFR was 60 when I was first diagnosed by my primary care doctor a year ago. It hasn't changed. I consulted a nephrologist, who hasn't recommended any changes or medications. However, I continue to see the nephrologist at regular intervals because I learn a little more about my condition at each visit. A renal nutritionist helped my plan healthful meals.

  • go to u tube n type " ginger treatment for kidney failure " ,do as it says u will get better in a month but continue till u recover , have patients , you can live with it

    wish u good health

  • Hi, have you try the ginger treatment and did it help you? My GFR is 47 , and I have kidney failure stage 3a.

  • yes i did , i did it for more than one month, my fatigue has disappeared, y not try ? you must have patience , it works slowly , Application of gingeley oil is compulsory , you can touch the area and verify that oil has disappeared ,

    I THINK oil n the essence of ginger pass through the skin to the area affected.

    i will take a uss next month and tell you the test results

    you are better than me , Dont worry u can live with it.

    My creatiine level is 2.3 n the gfr is arround 30 .

    This GFR alone cannot say u are heading for kidney failure, if u get protein in urine there is positive signs,



  • gfr varies seriously when small increases of creatinine is shown,also different formulars give different gfr values,you need not worry much , eat a green apple a day.

    Also visit you tube n type " Ginger treatment for kidney failure "

    you can do the treatment yourself, be patient continue the treat at least for two months.

    you can live with it ,

    i was told i hv ckd 3 , was in 2012 gfr 51 but now 28 , i do ginger treatment , taking apple cider vinegar, and many other pills.

    Eat kidney friendly foods only .

    wish u best of health

  • I have a bad diet nwo, and trying to get an idea how to eat right. What foods are in creatine? and protien how much. I'll check out ginger . Help, I'm new to this , have stage 3a and scared to death.

  • creatinine is not in foods , it is formed during metabolism n accumilares in blood ,to be excreated by kidneys,when kidneys damaged it does not filter properly,so u will get more creatinine than normal amounts , i understand potasium rich foods are bad for kidney patients ,Banana contain lots of potasium , visit ' Davita " u will get more information about ckd and there of , type"GFR Calculator – Glomerular Filtration Rate- Davita " u will get GFR calculation formula .

    wish u good luck

    hope u will write me bak

  • Your gfr will fluctuate with diet follow the davita diet. You will feel better. Take care Helen s

  • Hi Stormie just read your post and replies As Cpl Jones "don´t panic!!" 1. don´t panic some good sites on the net can recommend DaVita, and Wikipedia for knowledge. 2. look at your diet sure your GP went down this road probably handing you a 4 x a4page sheets of don´t eats (you need more info than this and its out there) 3. Start walking at first 1 mile then up it gradually a good target is 4 miles. Or if you can go to a gym.

    summary diet and exercise

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