egfr 2012 - 81, Sept 2016 - 65 and Oct 2016 - 57

Hi all wondered if anyone may be able to offer any advice. I recently attended my GP with symptoms of generally feeling unwell, tiredness, lower back pain and pain in various bones around my body.

My GP was extremely thorough and took an array of bloods. The only things that stood out in the results were low ferritin, low iron and vitamin D as well as a egfr of 65 with a creatinine of 85. I am a 37 year old female. The GP said that my eGFR in 2012 was 81 and this should have been followed up with repeat bloods then due to my age. I have since been sent for repeat bloods the results of which came back today my creatinine has increased to 95 and my eGFR has reduced further to 57. I also provided a urine sample but have yet to get the result of this. I have just been asked to make an appt to see my GP again.

Is there anyway these results may be inaccurate? And if unlikely what could cause the drop from 65 to 57 in little over a month? Will the results of the urine help to make all clearer.

Thanks Nicola

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  • Hi I'm no expert on the matter but I do have pkd in the early stages. I personally think that the egfr could be up and down and is very inaccurate. my nephrologist said that to get an exact measurement you need to do all sorts of test, on any blood test I have my egfr only has <60 on it which means over 60. hope this helps and good luck.

  • Hi Dean thanks for your response. My urine results were normal so this is apparently a good sign. GP is referring me for an ultrasound of my kidneys and then bloods in a month. Hopefully the scan will provide the answers for the reduced egfr score. Thanks Nicky

  • Hi nicky0628

    Firstly, try not to panic. It is possible for your bloods to fluctuate. Also a urine sample can show an array of things like a loss of protein/potassium to name just two. Do you have any other conditions? The low iron/ferritin will explain your general tiredness.

    It sounds like your gp is very thorough. I suspect an appointment with a renal consultant is on the cards. Good luck with everything.


  • Hi Nicolala

    Thanks for your reply.

    No I don't have any other conditions at all. Not even high blood pressure which the GP checked today. My urine was also normal so next step is an ultrasound and repeat bloods in a month. The good thing is that my urine was normal.


  • Yes this is a good sign, although make sure bloods and urine are being checked regularly. Although it's a long time ago, I was clearly ill and had severe oedema yet all urine and blood tests kept coming back negative. It was 6 months and a spell in hospital before my kidney disease was finally diagnosed.

    Take care.

  • Oh wow will do, suppose I shouldn't assume just becuase it came back clear that it would always be. You take care of you too.

  • Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. It's important to keep an eye on things, that's all 😊

  • Not at all, what you're saying is correct - so thank you appreciate it

  • Thank you all for your responses, they were all helpful. I saw my GP today and the results of my urine are all normal - which is appareny a good sign. He is still a little concerned about the egfr being 57. After lots of questions about do I drink enough (yes, only water and coffee 1-2 daily), take ibuprofen often (almost never), any family history (no), alcohol intake / binge drink (no, only a couple of glasses of red wine). He has referred me today for an ultrasound of my kidneys and repeat bloods in a month. He said he isn't concerned so guess it's about whether the scan provides any answers to my reduced egfr.

    I had felt maybe my symptoms were working towards a diagnosis of CKD but not sure if that can be the case when the urine is clear?

    Thanks again and will keep you updated following the scan and


  • creatine & egfr can alter slightly form each tests sometimes even a different hospital so slight difference shouldn't be a worry they should have followed up with regular blood tests to see if there is a trend i imagine this is what they will do also they need to get your anaemia sorted & vit d you might start feeling a little better we once met an elderly lady who was about to start dialysis & she said she improved enough when her iron level was sorted to keep her off that had been 2 years previous she said!

    Things can go up & down & slight variations will happen on blood results i hope you get sorted soon x

  • Hi, I'm in a similar situation. My efgr in September was 52 and in August it was 72 so it has dropped a lot! Three years ago it was also low but they didn't follow it up which wasn't good as looking back I had protein and blood in my urine back then too. I'm am now waiting to see a kidney specialist to find out what's going on. I feel tired all the time and have lower right back pain and also wee a lot through the night, I'm 44.

  • Hi Sylviaal

    We have very similar symptoms be interesting to keep in touch to with each other. Not sure if you can see my response to the thread? Let me know as this is the first time I've used a forum like this. In summary urine was normal and being referred for an ultrasound of kidneys and bloods again - once results are back the GP will decide if I need to see a kidney specialis. Hopefully something will make sense soon for both of us. Good luck Nicky

  • Hi Nicky, I too had a significant drop in gfr...from 84%-40 in 4 years. I am 38. I think they will do repeat blood test to see if there is any more drop...&depending on result will poss refer you to the nephrologist. They will probably want to find why it is dropping if there is a significant drop again but the neph teams seem pretty good &will do their best to stop it deterioating furthur.

    My gfr has stayed roughly the same since seeing the specialist a couple of years ago. Last time was 39% after going down to 33&coming back up again.

    Please keep us undated!


  • Hi Nicky

    So sorry for not replying but I didn't receive any notifications and have only just found this. If you send me a private message on here I'd love to keep in touch. I've just had a kidney biopsy and awaiting results. Hope you're ok, Marie

  • The following kidney function tests will show you where u are

    1.blood urea

    2, Serum creatinine

    3,serum electrolytes

    4,full blood count

    5, Urine full report,

    is your urine foamy , if so it indicate some damage to kidney cells


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