Very misunderstood about what's going on with me

Well I need help understanding my situation better. Right now I'm awaiting an appointment to see a specialist to further guide me but until them my mind is a wreck on what my situation really is. So I'm told by the gp after getting the ultrasound that it shows I have kidney disease. She says my kidneys aren't in a bad stage as of now. Now I've had blood work did from two different clinics, one clinic shows that my egfr is a 72 which now after looking at blood work history it has been fluctuating from 70 back in February and would go up a few then down. My lowest number showed a 68 in june. So fast forward to seeing this other gp she said my function was slightly low at a 52 which they calculate their numbers different from the other clinic I went to. But anyway she says according to her numbers my egfr is a 52 which is stage 2 and so I was ordered to get the ultrasound which the results showed I have a layer around my kidney which she says signifies a kidney disease. So I just need help understanding, if the other clinics showed that my kidney function is normal but the ultrasound shows a kidney disease, what does this mean for me? Can someone have kidney disease even if the kidneys aren't failing yet? Can I still live with this if this is the case? I'm sorry to sound so ignorant especially knowing that so many are suffering and gping through it way rough than I but this is completely new to me. This is the first in my life going through a health crisis. I'm 34 years old. Please any advice

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  • Hi I can beat his

    Yes-you can live happily with stage 2 kidney disease. It may mean a slight change in diet, taking care of your general health and weight etc., but you don't need dialysis.

    If your gfr reduces to below 15/20 then dialysis would be the next step. This is stage 5.

    Your clinic will monitor you. I'm not sure why different places calculate it differently, but I assume you are not in the UK. Things do vary across the world.

    At this moment try not to worry. It could be many months, years or maybe never before dialysis is needed. It depends on the cause of your disease.

    So good luck. Try not to worry and ask your doctors for more information. That way you will know how to keep yourself well for as long as possible.

  • I thank you so much for your advice. I am a nervous wreck about this whole thing. I am awaiting to see a specialist so they can atleast tell me what I need to do as far managing my situation. I live in usa. But it gives me some comfort to know this from you. I've had this dreadful worry and idea that my kidneys can and are possibly getting worse and worse by the minute and by the time I finally see the specialist it's gonna be bad news. I just don't know what to expect with this because it's all new for me. But thank you and God bless us all.

  • At stage 2 you have nothing to worry about nobody has 100%kidney function I'm surprised a specialist is Evan seeing you. Your gp may start some drugs but really should be looking at diet first. Your readings can fluctuate alot simply not drinking enough can cause a big difference.

    I know it's easy to say and and hard to understand but you really have nothing to worry about I'm at stage 5 steadily dropping egfr last month it was 11% but evan at such a low function i lead a pretty much normal life. Good look keep your chin up and best advice would be cut down on salt.

  • I thank you for your advice. Im assuming she has me to see a specialist is because she'd rather them explain my situation and decide on what is best in my case, I'm assuming. But I pray it's not as bad as I'm thinking. I just have this terrible thought that my kidneys can decrease or go bad by the minute if i don't hurry and see this specialist soon. But I have been researching what to eat or not to eat. It's truly a strict diet change. I will definitely cut back on salt. And I'm trying to do better with my water intake. I wish the best of blessings to you as I need to not worry. I'll try. You have made me realize to be greatful. And thank you again for reassuring me.

  • I'm also in the US and after a cold I noticed my urine was darker than usual. After a urine test, the results showed protein and blood in my urine. My blood tests and ultrasound showed normal kidney function, but I was still referred to a Nephrologist. I am so thankful that I get to be monitored by a specialist. Other people don't get referred to one until they are in later stages. I was like you in the beginning, I cried my eyes out for a week and worried so much that I won't be able to see my kids grow up. But then I realized that it's not a death sentence. Since you're still in an early stage, eat healthy, avoid too much meat, low salt, excercise, keep blood pressure under control and lastly pray for strength.

  • I thank you for responding. I'm trying to see the positive in it. But it's like as I await to see the specialist I'm worried if things could be getting worse just as fast. But I'm glad too that they allow me to see a specialist at this stage. It's just the wait can be nerve wrecking

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