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Today I was told I am in stage 3 of kidney disease. 2 years ago I was admitted to hospital with irregular heartbeat and bottomed out bp. I was told it was acute kidney failure. Follow up consisted of peeing in a cup and 1 blood test. I should have stayed on top of it..I was a dialysis tech for heavens sake but I just kinda ignored it. 2 weeks ago I was having pre-anesthesia blood work done for a simple edg because I'm always nauseous and have a hard time swallowing. The anesthesiaologist asks me what stage of renal failure I am..blew me away because my Dr hadn't even informed me that my kidney function was off. I have some other illnesses that seem to have masked some of the major symptoms..the nausea was attributed to ulcer, the back pain and extreme aching in my legs was attributed to my spinal condition, the headaches, the pain all went to Fibro.

I'm rambling..I'm waiting for all the primary testing to begin..the 24 hour pee thing, the blood work, the sonogram, all that crap.

To finally get the question out if you are even still long usually, I know it varies, how long before they are going to throw dialysis at me? Been there, tortured those poor people 3 days a week, 4 hours each time..I can tell you that right now, it's the scariest prospect of my life.

Oh and how many people have had heart problems with it? I'm being sent to a cardiologist too because of some episodes of jaw pain with the nausea that the Dr said could be possible heart incident. day has sucked.

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  • Sore footed mama

    Unfortunately for you, you have already seen a side of dialysis most new patients have not. Looking at it from a non-patient point of view, it's pretty scary.

    I have been on dialysis for a very long time. It's not always plain sailing. I wouldn't describe it as torture though. I do it to live, and I do!

    Firstly, do not panic. At stage 3, it could be many months, or years, before you reach stage 5. Dialysis could be a long way off. I'm in the UK, there are varied opinions across the world about dialysis and care. All I would say is try to look after yourself. You have other health issues which may be a cause or effect of the kidneys not working properly. Your doctors will hopefully get to the bottom of them.

    Regarding the heart problems, there are several causes of kidney failure. I do not know if yours are connected. For some patients, the heart becomes weaker after prolonged years of dialysis. Mine is still ticking away after 25 years, so I'm not going to worry too much!

    I haven't really answered your questions I know. I just wanted to let you know there are people who understand the fear you must feel, and that it doesn't have to be so scary.

  • Stage 3 CKD is a long way from dialysis perhaps never.I'm told at stage 3 I have plenty of kidney function to last the rest of my life. ( I hope that is true) I hope they get your other problems sorted out. Take care of yourself and your kidneys to keep the function you have.😊

  • you can stay at the same rate for many years an episode of acute failure is when it comes on quickly chronic is when you suffer from something for many years my husband was in stage 3 for many years at least 16 that we know of then stage 4 then he had an acute episode & went very quickly to 5 & onto dialysis reason unknown he also had an aortic valve replacement & has AF & had a pacemaker fitted last year he takes omeperazol daily for heart burn! he did peritoneal dialysis for 5 years & now haemo since april its not the end of the world when or if you do! we have still managed to do many things holidays etc

    Just take notice & try & follow your consultants advice & hopefully you will remain at stage 3 for many years to come! x

  • Sorefootedmama, you have already had some wise and helpful replies but I just wanted to add that with your leg pain, head pain, nausea and jaw symptoms you have hopefully had blood tests (ESR and CRP) to check for inflammation. There are vascular conditions that can produce such symptoms, some of which can affect kidney function. And untreated inflammation can also lead to a reduction in kidney function. Have you noticed any problems with your vision such as eye pain or blurring, and particularly pain in the temple area?

  • Celtic -- Thanks for mentioning pain in temple area. Please tell me what it may indicate. I have it sporadically, but forgot about it. I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist in a few weeks and will mention it to her. I'm in a stage 3, stable for my first year. I'm 85 years old, therefore -- from what I've read -- I will never be eligible for a transplant nor could I benefit from dialysis.

  • jaykay, firstly don't be at all concerned with a diagnosis of CKD3 providing it is remaining stable within that range. Our kidney function reduces as we get older and at 85 you are doing very well so just take care of your kidneys by drinking plenty of water, avoiding salt, and keep your blood pressure and blood sugar under control.

    One vascular condition that can cause temple pain is Temporal Arteritis but the pain is usually continuous rather than the occasional pain that you are experiencing. The ophthalmologist will in any case check the back of your eyes to rule out that and any other potential problem. Hope that helps to put your mind at rest.

  • Celtic -- Thank you for your reply. I will find out whether any of my doctors checks my blood sugar level. My cardiologist and nephrologist both order fasting blood tests and always give me copies of the results, but neither have mentioned blood sugar levels to me. Also, I will learn how the results are expressed, so I can read them when I get the lab results.

  • jaykay, both diabetes (blood sugar) and cholesterol usually involve fasting blood tests, so if you haven't been informed of any abnormality, it sounds as though everything is normal as far as your blood sugar is concerned.

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