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Am new to this. Can kidney disease be caused by anything else besides high blood pressure, hereditary, hypertension etc.? Because I have none of these and the doc found that I have ckd (a thick layer around my kidney). Mild ckd she suggest. Can this be the reason why I'm fatigue, feeling weak, loss of appetite, weight loss, itchy skin, even at this stage? I also have bad anxiety, health anxiety, and am very stressed. Was told this cam cause those same symptoms. Please advise as I have never been through any problems in my life until june about my health or my kidneys. I am very afraid.

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  • im 71 , i had high blood pressure well over 30 years n pills did not cure that , go to u tube and type apple cider vinegar, it will get a series of links , search for apple cider vingaer brew prepared using 4 ingredients , lemon, ginger , garlic n apple cider vinegar.

    I made this brew at home my BP dropped by 40 mm in two weeks,if u cannot find link pl send me your email id i will send us the preparation method, also type ginger treatment for kidney failure , u will see an Indian doctor how he recovered from need to dialasys by resorting to GINGER TREATMENT.+

    YOUR KIDNEY WALLS ARE THICK BCOS it worked hard a long time

    try read the comments of the USS report using inter Net, the so called Doctors will never try to educate patients and many are not

    Did u check ur GFR level, what i belive is ,u are in ckd 3 or 4 level pl come back to me ill explain.

    wish u good health

    (in the mean tine do not forget to eat a green apple every day)

    my email id is

  • Yes I was told my two different things from two different blood work results. I was told by one urgent care that my level were fine they were a 62 egfr now the other doc showed it was stage 2 ckd and she said the numbers were 52 egfr. Both blood work was did within 2 weeks of the other. The latest one was the first egfr of 62 and that was last week. But the doc that said it show a 52 is the one who ordered the ultrasound and the result came back showing that there is a little thick layer around my kidney but there was nothing obstructive or no stones. So I don't know what to think.

  • what i believe is this is due to non consuming of kidney friendly foods . u are not too late my gfr came down to 28 but i managed to boost it to 98 by eating a green apple every day and consumed apple cider vinegar every day.IF your kidney walls are thick u can make them thinner by resorting to kidney friendly foods, do not over load kidney by eating high protein diets ,and high potasium foods , red meat is bad 4 u too.yolk of eggs also bad 4 u

    My 4 years of experiences with ckd 3 (Chronic Kidney Diesease.) cannot be explained in a small letter

    I had hyper tension for 26 years) and that was the cause for my ckd.

    Very often doctors mislead patients,

    write me back to my email id "

    wish u good health

  • u started kidney disease is due to ur hypertension

  • Hello, I too have CKD although at a lot later stage than you. I don’t have high blood pressure or diabetes and the doctors have absolutely no idea what caused my kidneys to fail. Kidney problems affect different people in different ways. Many people don’t get symptoms until their kidney function has declined a lot more than yours but some people get symptoms even with a moderate loss of kidney function. I was not diagnosed till my kidney function was 17% but had been feeling tired for months before and I had itchy skin and a metallic taste in my mouth. I was able to increase my kidney function to 21% and keep it stable for nearly 18 months by making some big changes to my diet. I would suggest that you may want to make some life style changes. Pack up smoking if you do and cut down your salt intake by not adding it and stopping eating processed foods which have loads in. If you are able to, try and increase your fitness through moderate exercise. Cut out carbonated drinks such as cola and instead drink plenty of water. You can search the internet for kidney friendly diets or buy a book. See if you have access to a renal dietician in your area as they will be able to review you blood results and give you advice on what to eat and what not to eat. Also be aware that there are plenty of people on the Internet offering miracle cures so avoid them. Try not to panic and use this forum which is very supportive.

  • Thank you so much for your response. I also hAve anxiety issues and went under alot of stress. But I realize that I quickly need to change alot of things like my eating habits and some lifestyle changes. I had gone to get routine blood work did in june and that was when I was made aware of my kidney function being slightly low they said it was 59 and so they had suggested I come back in a few months to see if it was fluctuate and when I went back in August they had said it did better it went back above to 62 and then I had gone to my gp and got more blood work done the beginning of September and was told my egr was low again she said 52 but then just last week (was getting my blood drawn quite often) I had gone back to the other doc who did my blood work the first time and had blood work drawn again and they said my levels looked much better egr of 64. But I'm awaiting to see the kidney specialist. I hope they can explain this layer around my kidneys situation and what could have caused this. I'm not a smoker I rarely drink alcohol only ocassionally. But if my bad water intake mat have had some part in this, I can say I was never a good water drinker at all. Also I can think back to how that last 6 months I remember I was drinking energy drinks quite often when I was working. Not every day but I was drinking it enough. Plus I remember one weekend in may I had drank more alcohol than I usually do when I go out. And i hardly am a drinker. Also I in june I had to take omeprazole for my acid reflux. So I don't know. But yes I have began drinking more and more water. Still not the best because I have to get use to it but I am drinking way more than I use to. But do you suggest that I need to have the 60 oz. Of water every day? I was also told I was vitamins d deficient and am now taking pills for it. I just want to get past this upset stomach, my loss of appetite I don't know if it's because of this kidney disease or from the meds I take for my anxiety

  • I can possibly see how that is what did it. I was never a good water drinker. There would be days that I'd drink maybe just one cup of water. Some days I have maybe 32 oz. But I was never a good water drinker. What are some examples of protein? I do know I had started drinking those protein shakes in july because I was dealing with my appetite issues and I was told I should drink protein shakes to aid with the fact I wasn't eating enough.

  • I don't know about other causes, but you can ask the National Kidney Foundation. How old are you? You might want to ask questions of people here close to your age. (I'm sure I'm not close to your age. I'm 85, diagnosed a year ago, and still in an early stage.)

  • I'm 34. What national kidney foundation online? I can ask?

  • My daughters was immune mediated glomerul nephritis at the beginning, they could find no cause so put it down to auto immune disorder which unfortunately we have a lot of in our family. She was only 12 at the time so wasn't hypertension related or hereditary. She got the hypertension after her kidneys started failing.

  • Wow at 12? How old is she now? I'm 34 and am so worried about this situation because all my life until in june I have never had to deal with issues about my health and I'm so nervous

  • She's 19 now and she has missed out a lot but since starting HeamoDialysis she's actually done so much and this is just in 4 months. its natural to worry especially if you've never faced any health issues, my family are just unlucky we have auto immune disorders which unfortunately are hereditary so we always take each day as it comes xx

  • Hi, I have CKD stage 3 and don't have any of the usual things, no high bp, no high cholesterol, not overweight, I don't smoke, I eat healthily etc, but I take omeprazole for Barrets disease which is what is affecting my kidneys , it's a viscous circle, I need the omeprazole so I have to just see what happens with my kidneys, sorry I've not been much help x

  • Well that's what I was taking for a month in july. I was taking it for my acid reflux. I can't say if that helped meds up my kidney fuction as well. I saw another person say that omeprazole did the same to them. But I was gonna continue it in august but I decided not to because I felt like my acid reflux had gotten better. But I thank you for responding. But same here. I don't have hb I don't have bad cholesterol, no hypertension not diabetic, never was over weight, never smoked. Only thing I can say is I was never good with drinking water ever. And i wasn't the best at watching or concern about what i ate, meaning I've never was a cooker at home I'd always buy foods for me and the kids microwave foods alot. But if I did cook I would bake in the oven since it was easiest but I was not thinking responsible when it came to how or what to eat until the last two years when I was deciding to make changes to my diet yo go along with me exercising (just yo lose weight but didn't even need to lose any weight). Now I've lost way more weight than I expected after this last 3 months of dealing with bad anxiety and stress which came on from finding out about my kidneys. And now I get depressed looking at how much unintentional weight I loss. It's a nightmare.

  • Keep your spirits up sweetie xx

  • Thank you

  • Hi, brand new to this. Got my diagnosis of stage 3 this morning..still have to do the sonogram and further follow up blood work and sending me to nephrologist. I was a dialysis tech for 5 years starting in 2001 and you would think I could see this coming but I vaguely remember what the proper values are but everything else is just appear to know more than I do at this point. i don't know what my actual cause of kidney disease is but I do have autoimmune disorder and blood pressure for the past 15 years has always been an issue. i guess we are officially enrolled in CKD whether we want to be or not. I have no ide how Medicare takes care of this or if it does. I've been on disability since 2005 because of the damn autoimmune disease and a couple other things. :( everything worries me.

  • It's hard for me to accept but I had to keep asking my gp am I going to be alright. Can I survive a long time with ckd. I'm awaiting to see a nephrologist hopefully soon so I can get a better understanding.

  • And yes I worry worry so much and it made my anxiety come back and it was the worst I have ever experienced dealing with anxiety having panic attacks and stress all in these three months. Looking at others situation it's like wow people are here dealing with more than one major issue. I don't know what to think sometimes. I just know it traumatized me yo heat about my kidneys. All I could think about was my life and my kids and I freaked out and my anxiety is now at its worst on me which has now caused other issues for me mentally. I'm so stressed. I wish us the best and peace of mind.

  • Hi TracyCollard I'm Stage 3a CKD and also have a hiatus hernia. My nephrologist took me off Omeprozole and put me on Ranitidine 300mg He said Omeprozole was not the best to take for ckd. I believe he said it could harm the kidneys more and it wasn't working for my hernia after a couple of years taking it. Hope this is helpful

  • Wow and I am taking omeprazole to help with my acid reflux. I hadn't been taking it a long time just started yesterday but I was taking it in the past about a few months ago. I'm wondering should I switch and use prilosec or something different. Or did your doc say that any of these medications for acid reflux bad for your kidneys or just the omeprazole? I really only planned to take it temporary the only reason I need it is because I have upset stomach and acid reflux and I really need to eat because my appetite had decreased badly and I lost alot of weight so I'm trying what I can to help myself get on track with my appetite. I wish the best for us. I see how so many people are not just dealing with one major thing but other things too. 😧 I have to learn to accept what I can't control.

  • Hi Icanbeathis We are all different and our stages of ckd will differ from one person to another. Omeprazole may be the right one for you.Maybe my nephrologist felt that omeprozole just wasn't right for me. You could check with your doctor or specialist and ask them about omeprazole and is it ok for the kidneys. What I found strange is that if you read the leaflet inside the omeprazole box it says nothing about taking that medication if you have ckd but in the ranitidine box it says if you have kidney problems your doctor may reduce the dose. I checked this out with my doc but he says he wouldn't give it to me if he thought it would endanger my kidneys!! I like to double check thoroughly on every medication I am given and very often speak to a pharmacist who I feel are the people who know more about the drugs we take than the gp's sometimes. Hope this makes sense and good luck.

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