Urine smell

I have been having symptoms of what I thought was a urine infection, soreness/frequency and smelly urine. [ I am at stage 3 GFR 38 ] the nurse sent my urine off to the lab. which came back clear, apart from a trace of blood which is normal for me.

I am still having the symptoms, and the awful smell to my urine, could this smell be a symptom of the kidney disease ? The nurse didn't know, she just said "all is fine with the urine test"

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  • I have just received a phone call from the Dr. saying " I have a urine infection, " The nurse obviously got it wrong, !!! I was getting very worried [ hence my post above ] as I am still having the symptoms. I will collect some antibiotics this afternoon.

    Sorry for any confusion.


  • hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you phillen

    I have started the antibiotics, and feel better already, and no smelly urine.

  • i have stage 3b kidney disease...i was diagnosed with a uti...i told the nurse that i didnot have the symptoms of a uti..no hurting or straining...just cloudy urine with bacteria so i asked to do it over as it may have not been a clean catch...i started drinking water...a couple of days later i redid the test and i finally found out that i did not have uti...and i didnot have to go on antibiotics...start drinking water...and ask for a second test before takings the meds...i also went vegan...start drinking water only...no salt...no sugar...low potassium fruits and vegs...no meat products...no processed food...i have been doing it for two months...i have lost close to 30 pds...no more itching...lots of energy...no longer tired...i am more mentally alert...this same doctor didnot inform me that i had kidney stage 3b i had to self diagnose...so i dropped him and i have a new gp...if you don't like what is being said to you...get a second opinion...i just saw the new gp tuesday and i had blood work and a urine test and i hope my numbers have gotten better...good luck..

  • ask to see your lab results for yourself...don' depend on the doctors to get it right..

  • Hi

    The Dr. did get it right, it was him that called me, it was the nurse who made the mistake,


  • all bodily excreation decay over night , so they are of bad smell, natural

  • I didn't have the bad smell before, however I do have an infection, Dr said it was making my urine smell have started antibiotics, no smell today.

  • Hi,i am carer for my Gran who has stage 5 ckd n can not get dialysis 😕 she has suffered from infections for years now, firstly in our experience many times test results on her urine came back as fine but through other tests they knew there was an infection, they Dont always show up so maybe you could ask your doctor about that, also her urine s constantly foul smelling even without infection these days so yes it could be because of the CKD, you know your body best,if u feel you are getting the obvious signs to you of when u have a it I, request your doctor do other tests to check your infection markers. I hope you feel better soon. Of course i am not a doctor an this is only my view on similar experiences , so always check with your own doctor etc. Mark

  • Oops just realised my message is bit late, sorry

  • don't know if this will help, but several years ago-I had same symptoms- blood tests showed e coli infection. the e coli was caused by kidney stones. Kidney stones don't show up in kidney function tests as stones. found them on xray for other reason. stones removed by surgery-not lithotripsy. no symptoms of stones, weren't passing- after removed- e coli gone, and ckd went from stage 3 bck to 2- for a few years. Now I am stage 3 again- STONES??? have to push for abdominal xray to see if stones forming again and making ckd progress. pray- only GOD can help.

  • I have had kidney x/rays done in the past, there were no stones, however they did find that I had one kidney smaller than the other.

  • I had that horrible smell five years ago. seems I had e coli which had formed on kidney stones. see if you can be tested for e coli. nothing had shown up in urine either.

  • Thanks for your reply, I am at present taking anti biotics, for the infection, Seems my infection was due to e coli. I take my sample back to be re tested after I have finished the course.

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