New to Kidney disease!

Hi all,

Please forgive me as I'm new to forums and kidney disease!

I had an autoimmune disease called PBC which 3 years ago left me having a successful liver transplant. Up until recently I've been well but doctors have been struggling to control my blood pressure. I'm averaging 125/93, on medication ideal would be 130/80.

I have been referred to renal clinic as my creat levels are 170, URRAis 15.3 and EGFR is 29.

I know little about kidney disease and I was hoping for a little insight to what these figures mean before going to the clinic.

Many thanks.

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  • That suggests you are in stage 3 egfr is an estimated kidney function so presumably thats 29% function not sure what URRAI is unless its urea 15.3 sounds like it may be! try not to get too alarmed my husband was stage 3 for many years at least 15 they didn't used to tell you figures & stuff like they do now, It may be your anti rejection drugs that has caused it My uncle had a heart transplant over 20 years ago & he has the same problems now with his kidneys & is under a consultant for that also they will do their best for you x

  • Thank you for reply. I did mean urea, my phone likes to change words!! I'm less anxious now, just need to get BP under control. Thanks again x

  • yes good bp control will help x

  • Wouldn't worry too much right now. There are things you can do to improve your kidney function or at least maintain. Let us know how your appt goes. My GFR is 15 brought up from 12 so it can happen. Prayers for you. God can do anything😀😀

  • Dear Friend, According to what I have studied, eGFR over 60 is Okay. between 60 and 15 is kidney disease and less than 15 is kidney failure in case of which dialysis or kidney transplant may be needed. I wish you a healthy life and hope you never suffer from kidney failure. I think if you can find a proficient nutritionist who can help you with a proper diet regarding your eating, drinking and life-style habits, God willing, you will have no problems. From your letter, I get the impression that you should limit your salt seriously, of course, other things as well, such as glucose, fat, protein etc. I think walking and physical activities are also important. Try not to be dehydrated. Avoid stress and over-anxiety though it is not so possible. Any way, I pray for your health. Good Luck.

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