Microalbuminuria and blood pressure

Hi there, my tests for Creatinine and albumin indicated as my doctor said "slightly elevated". Creatinine 128 and I believe albumin 4.1. Of course I did my google research and was really terrified by all the studies done out of research centres and universities indicating the mortality predictor with microalbuminuria. It seemed like microalbuminuria is a death sentence. I am 43 male and discovered my blood pressure was creeping around the 145-150 over 90-95. Since that test about a month ago I have been monitoring my blood pressure, eating better and dropped about 10 pounds. With the help of bp medication my pressure looks more like 120-135 over 80-85 now and I plan to keep improving. I noticed the systolic reading was and still is being stubbornly high at times. Especially mid day when the stress is higher (mostly my kids).

I am really hoping that I have a good healthy 30-35 years of life left in me. Am I asking too much? Do these studies apply to everyone that at one time leaked enough protein in their urine to have microalbuminuria? I exercise frequently and from what I know have a healthy heart and am sure I can fix all the underlying factors that lead to this in a short time. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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  • BTW, does anyone know what my ACR ratio would be based on my test?

  • Dont know much about that, still waiting on my test results but sounds like you have a great attitude and I know every little good change you make, makes a difference! Prayers for you!!

  • Hi,

    I am in CKD Stage 3b. I also have significant protein leakage in urine. Nephrologist told me not to bother about protein in urine and that the serum creatinine should be monitored every month and the BP should be controlled with medicines. If BP is not controlled, kidneys will be under stress which should be avoided. Good luck to you.

  • Does anybody know what my acr ratio is?

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