Urinating patterns in Kidney Disease

Hello, I recently received some disappointing news regarding my creatinine and albumin levels. I am in Canada so I believe the numbers are different but I recall creatinine 128 and albumin 4.1. This put me at an EGFR of 59 at 43 years old. I had initially panicked reading all the negative things one can find on the internet but I have calmed down and began working on adjusting a few lifestyle things that may have affected it (high blood pressure, protein intake.) I am fairly muscular and workout intensely, I thought that may be a factor. However, one thing I remember that has always been an issue with me is my urinating. I always go quite frequently. And now I have progressed to waking up several times in the night and sometimes urinating in very small amounts even when I feel like I have to go. Urine is quite foamy at times too. My doctor doesn't seem concerned. Can these urinating issues improve with lowering blood pressure and being wiser with aggravating factors? Thank you!

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  • I have definitely upped my water intake that could be a factor in the increase of urinating. I do feel pressure and mild discomfort in the bladder area.

  • I know at 43 you are quite young to have prostate problems, but have you had a PSA blood test ? However frequent urination could also be caused by an irritable bladder.

  • I will have to ask my doctor on the PSA test. I imagine he either has not or it was not bad as he only mentioned creatinine amd albumin as being slightly elevated. Are these test results not associated with frequent urination and foamy urine? I usually urinate in small amounts as well.

  • raised creatinine can also be the ingestion of large amounts of meat, [ protein ] which also can cause foamy urine. Maybe you need a CT scan of the kidneys, and investigation of the bladder ? I had both, my bladder was fine, but they did find some cysts on the kidney's, and one smaller than the other. My GFR is 38. and my last creatinine test was 120.

    By the way I am female, I only mentioned the PSA test as my husband had the same problems with his urine, he had all the test done, and they found that his kidneys are fine, but he had a benign prostate enlargement, which he had surgery for, he also has an irritable bladder which he takes tablets for.

  • I was also thinking Prostate. Ask for a test.

  • Sorry, This is a late reply.

    I hope you have gotten yourself to a Nephrologist - but only to be on the safe side. A GPs opinion on what's going on isn't enough.

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