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Hi folks. I'm new here and extremely worried. Dad was rushed into hospital four days ago. He had breathing problems with fluid in his lungs. Also turns out his kidneys had stopped working. Doctors still doing tests to find out what exactly happened. Oxygen and antibiotics seem to have sorted out the chest problems whilst dialysis has for now sorted out his bloodworks. To be fair - the caring staff have been magnificent in looking after dad. But what I am finding extremely disheartening and worrying is the lack of consistent information. On one hand - we had one doctor tell us there is a good chance dad's kidneys will recover - whilst we had another doctor tell us its unlikely dad's kidney's will recover from this shut-down. Taken it upon myself to research into what is happening. If anyone can give me any pointers on where to start - as I am thus far clueless in this area - it would be much appreciated.

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  • Graeme -- You will receive lots of support and information here. I hope someone can tell you how to deal with the conflicting information you are receiving. Please tell us your Dad's age. This will influence the treatment doctors will recommend and the possible outcomes. From what I've read, studies in the U.S. suggest that people here over 65 gain little benefit from dialysis and are rarely eligible for transplants. I hope your Dad is a younger Dad. I'm 85 and newly diagnosed; holding my own. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  • Thanks for replying Judy. My dad is 63. Apart from this episode he has been in very good health. The conflicting information is the hardest thing to deal with. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! And my own ignorance doesnt help. For example, dads kidneys haven't functioned for 3 days. How concerned should I be? If doctors just said - we dont know yet - might not like it - but would live with it. But when they give different opinions!!!

    But knowing that someone has taken the time to listen to me means a lot Judy.

    My hope and prayers go with you


  • I have noticed there are always conflicting opinions about kidney stuff. I think it's because some doctors believe 1 way and others believe another way which doesn't help us at all! I have read on certain types of kidney failure depending on the cause, the function does come back and I know that's true but I think they will have to figure what caused them to fail and go from there. My thoughts and prayers are with your family!!

  • Many thank for taking the time to reply Bunkin. Dad was taken to hospital initially witha serious chest infection and fluid on lungs. It was only during routine blood tests they discovered problems with kidneys as well. Been exactly one week now - and still no activity. Specialist doctors and nurses dont seem too concerned.... and assure us it can take weeks - if not months - for a response. Taking one day at a time and hoping and praying.

    And wishing you well too Bunkin. Thanks again for your kind words.

  • You're welcome, kidney stuff is so strange, all you can do is try your hardest and leave it up to God.

  • It has now been 10 days since Dad last urinated. Nurses and Doctors still holding out that something will happen. Been told it can take weeks.... even moneys for kidney functions to restore. Hoping and praying is all we can do.

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