CKD and weightloss surgery

I'm 53 years old obese and recently diagnosed with stage 3 CKD. I have many ailments and have been treated with many medications over the last 25 years but especially opiates for chronic pain. I have degenerative bone, disc and facet joint disease, as well as hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, spinal stenosis, siatica, neuropathy, stenovial cysts, gout, GERD, hiatus hernia, sleep apnea, Bradycardia, acquired Lymes and Eurlicliosis twice just to mention some of my issues over the last 25 years. My question is has anyone with CKD had gastrointestinal bypass surgery for weightloss? I have my first appointment next week and am a little nervous...go figure😁 I've been through hell with the medical community most of my life and am apprehensive because I had CKD stage 3 for over 3 years and my physicians never told me I found it in my records and approached them. It saddened and frustrated me greatly. I'm doing everything I can on my own to exercise, eat well and control my blood pressure, but struggle losing weight. So...I'm looking for answers regarding CKD and weightloss surgery. If anyone has anything to offer I greatly appreciate it!! I wish you all the best health you can obtain and hang in there...I am!

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  • You poor thing! You have a lot to deal with. No, I'm afraid I don't have any experience of weight loss surgery but I have lost 17lb over the last 18 months using the 5:2 diet. My 83 year old mum has also had major success with it and both of us have struggled with losing it in the past. I won't pretend it is easy but you get used to it quite quickly and I now continue with it periodically to maintain control. You only have to worry about it two days a week, the fasting element works it's magic and the weight just seemed to melt away for both my mum and myself. If you google it you can read about it and watch stuff on YouTube. I am 57 and was told I had CKD 3 years ago having had it for at least 6 years but wasn't told. It might be worth a try ( although I guess you should get the ok from your doctor - mine was happy for me to go ahead). My problem with GERD has since cleared up since too. I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do. Take care! J.x

  • Thank you for your suggestions and input. I'm so surprised how many people were never told they had CKD, it's disgusting to me. I too wish you the best and congratulations on the weightloss; I will check in to it. Bless you!

  • Hi

    What is the diet called u and your mom are on plz

  • Hi, there are several different names - Here in the U.K. It is best known as the 5:2 but it is also known as Intermittent Fasting, or the Fast Diet. Michael Moseley did a documentary on it a few years ago and it is this you can see on YouTube. Having now lost as much as I wanted to I now follow the 16:8 which is where you just extend your overnight fast of 16 hours from 8pm to 12 noon the following day. So you do all your eating in an 8 hour period. The daily fast works in the same way as the 5:2 but you are not restricting calories on any day. The thing is, you re-educate your appetite and stomach into not wanting or needing the same volume of food as before. There are other health benefits too according to the documentary, getting back the hunger pangs encourages cell renewal rather than cell repair which they say has implications for degenerative brain disease, diabetes and other conditions. This is partly why I have decided to keep going with the fasting. I wish I'd known about it years ago, it has given me new life! 😃

  • I don't have experience with that but I too have lost the weight without even trying just by changing my diet and exercise 30 minutes a day. Hope this helps. Prayers for you!!

  • Thank you and I wish you continued success!! Take care and stay strong!

  • Thanks!!

  • Very interesting. How did you see your records.

  • Inetie54

    I applied for online management of my health through my clinic. It was there that I saw they had added stage 3 CKD which was not there the week before. I freaked out on all my physicians and aggressively expressed my unhappiness with the way things were handled. Since then I've tried 3 times to get my labs sent to my new doctors with no success so that's my next battle. Thanks for your inquiry!

  • Sorry for the I before your name just a typo

  • Hi Chic6392

    Well, hmm you have got a right old list of ailments there. Small wonder you are feeling naffed off with all things medical. I have CKD 3/4 and have had renal disease since I was brought screaming and kicking into this world. I do have other ailments too - but we are here to talk about you. Have you been given any kind of diet for your renal problem? Because anything they do must take that into account. You didn't say how much weight you need to lose, but judging by the fact that gastro-intestinal bypass surgery is on the table, you probably have at least five or six stone to lose. (this is just a guesstinmate) I am sure your doc has told you that any anaesthetic poses a risk, that risk increases with the general state of health of the patient. As we get older our kidneys slow down. You didn't mention if you are in possession of both of your kidneys. Just as a note here I have one kidney remaining, which is 75% damaged. I manage quite well I mean I do get very tired and I certainly couldn't run a marathon - or for the bus. Apparently we can get by for years at stage 3 so don't go tearing your hair out just yet. From reading your post, I have the impression that the doctors would not have suggested gastro-intestinal bypass surgery if they weren't concerned that the weight you are carrying about isn't harmful to you health. I have about six stone to lose, and I really would like to have a little help losing it - but my doctors have advised against it, mostly because I have a heart problem too. So I am taking the long, long way round to try and lose the other person I am carrying about. Let's be honest, when we are carrying 6 or 7 stone about it is the equivalent of carrying a teenager about all the time. Small wonder we have little or no energy. I cannot tell you to go ahead and have the surgery, nor can I tell you not to have it done. All I can say is that if it were offered to me then I would grab it in a heartbeat. At 68 I am no spring chicken, but if I thought it would give me the chance of a better quality of life - well you could count me in. I do hope I have helped a little, I wish you well and whatever you decide to do, I wish you good health and happiness. Regards Doreen xxxx

  • Doreen

    I have about 100 lbs to lose and have had extensive thyroid tests that have the doctors baffled. They say the results aren't possible yet they have done them over and get the same result. My Bradycardia is a big concern with having surgery as my average pulse is 47 but it goes as low as 17 bpm with six seconds between beats. The problem is because I'm not passing out my insurance won't pay for a pacemaker. So I thought if I get approved for weightloss surgery maybe it will help many of my other problems.?! My other huge concern is I've been on over 250 mg of opiates for over 20 years now. I wish I lived where medical marijuana was legal just to try something else. However I won't try it illegally so unless I move that's not an option. Thank you for your interest and kind wishes.

  • I,sincerely, wish you a very quick recovery.

  • aadd4444

    Thank you!!!

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