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New to the community. Just received DX of mild CKD this morning based on ultrasound results indicating tissue damage + drop from GFR of 63 to 57 over past 2 years. I am 60 years old. Good blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. Fit. Have not used antiinflamatories very often. Don't smoke, eat much red meat, salt, or consume much alcohol. Haven't seen nephrologist yet but am mildly concerned because it doesn't seem like I have any of the risk factors or see obvious things to change aside from being more religious about hydration (must admit I have not been at all good about the latter hsitorically, but urine was ligt in color so wasn't worried). Suggestions for good sources of balanced information would be appreciated.

Thanks, and heart out to all those in worse position.

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  • nlwright -- Welcome. I'm an 85 year old woman in relatively good health -- except for high blood pressure. -- with eating habits health similar to yours.   Benefitted from an NKF one-day course sponsored by local dialysis facility. Learned online that dialysis is often not of great benefit to people over 85. Bought a few kidney diet books online and made a few changes. Also consulted a renal dietician. She said I didn't have to make as drastic diet changes as I had expected. Nephrologist orders periodic lab work. Diagnosed 6 months ago.  This is a helpful site.

  • Thank you

  • kidney function declines slowly as we get older you sound like your doing your best the egfr is not much of a drop in 2 years it can also go up & can vary day to day having a cold or infection can alter the results also, doctors look for a trend over a period of time they will keep a good eye on you x

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  • The people on this site were very helpful to me when I asked for recommendations of information, so ask away. I'm fairly new here. Sorry I can't supply specific information because, at 85, I'm busy packing up to move to an independent living community. I'm bringing along some non-perishable food to eat on days they serve dishes high in sodium.

  • I wouldn't worry. My eGFR is the same as yours and I'm a 12 years younger. You're not diagnosed with CKD until you read below an eGFR of 60, so you are borderline. You could have a blood test tomorrow and it may be  an eGFR over 60. You don't need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle just the common sense stuff, cut out as much salt, sugar and fat as you can, reduce or cut out red meat, eliminate processed foods (includes bacon, sorry), eat plenty fruit, veg and whole foods, moderate dairy foods, take regular moderate exercise, keep alcohol to a minimum (again, sorry) and keep yourself hydrated with water. Kidney function reduces with age and your function may be about average for your age.

  • Thanks for the perspective and advice. I was doing most of those things already, which is one of the reasons this has been a bit disconcerting. Added reason for healthy living ...

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