need help. stage 4

hi. i am from the Philippines. 27 female. I was diagnosed with kidney disease 5 years ago i was 21 yrs old then.. The doctor was not that much concerned about me having that disease. so i go on with my life living normally like everybody else but at an early age my bp was already high. just a month ago i went back to the hospital do some lab test bcoz my bp would go up to 160/100. i had my recent result with creatinine 1.64, BUN 14, urine protein 210 also had an ultrasound findings with Bilateral Parenchymal Renal Disease not so sure if its same with CKD. my doctor again was not that much concerned as usual. however he told me that im already at stage 4 but not telling me what my kidney function is which really frustrates me, seems like he doesnt want to help at all. Can anyone confirm what normally is my eGFR with my blood lab test results? ive been experiencing symptoms already like sleepiness in the afternoon and tired most of the time. But ive been watching my diet , i also exercise everday and took soda bicarb as per doctor's perscription. i have to go to another doctor for 2nd opinion. And ofcourse above all this, the Lord has been with me through this battle. Just always put your faith and trust in the Lord that everything will be better in time. Just help yourself and God will do the rest. Prayers can move mountains. God bless us all

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  • There is a GFR calculator you can plug your numbers into that will give you your GFR. You can pull it up online!

  • If you live in the UK you can sign on at your doctor's surgery for access to your medical records. That way you can check and print off your details. Also whilst you are waiting for this set-up ask the receptionist at your doctor for a printout of your last blood test. Then look everything up online.  Have you also tried alternative medicine such as Naturopathic nutrition or Ayurveda both use only natural remedies for health problems and not chemically manufactured drugs. You should consult with your doctor, and I would strongly advise you get a more sympathetic doctor as your life is important and he/she should not dismiss your questions.

  • i hope everything is working out for you,...too bad a malpractice suit is not easier...

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