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I'm scared my kidneys aren't working properly since they hurt after I eat and I have bubbly urine. Going to the doctor in about a week but I can't help but to worry alot about what's to come if it turns out I have ckd. I've done alot of research online but one thing I haven't found alot of info on is the skin changes that can occur. How common is that? I've seen really bad looking bumps, flaky skin and wounds that won't heal and read that it's very common. But haven't seen alot about it here on the forum. So just wanted to hear from you how many has a skin condition if you don't mind sharing.

Answers are much appritiated

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  • You can get a change in skin sensitivity and robustness.  Itching and damage from scratches are fairly common, especially with certain forms of dialysis.  

  • Hi, I'm sorry for your problem and hope it resolves when you see the doctor. You say you are scared. That is a perfectly natural reaction. I am wondering whether your skin troubles are being caused by the stress of anxiety? I have similar problems, itchy skin, eczema up my shins and my blood is quite toxic through faulty elimination. I am learning to accept these as part of the problem, but It is a good idea to ask the doctor when you see him/her. Good luck and take care, give yourself time to try and relax, I know that isn't easy but it can help.

  • Dear Friend,  I am not sure, but, I think the bumps on your skin and flaky skin are related to your diet. I hope by observing a proper diet as regards eating&drinking, you will be all right soon. I hope so.

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