Bad bloods, advice please

Hi, I'm just wanting a bit of advice on my latest bloods I get them done at my doctors, print them out and take them to my nephrologist (my appointments thursday). 

I'm 19 with stage 4 CKD with 24% function caused by iga nephropathy. 

My recent bloods showed 

low haemoglobin  it's been steadly dropping for 3 months now and low haemocrit   (Both below normal range  obviously) 

Low HDL which I know is good cholesterol and I'm not overweight , I eat pretty well and I don't understand why, I'm only 19? 

Then I had high monocytes (white cell)  counts, but I did have a recent episode of tonililitus so maybe that's the problem  

My GFR dropped from 26 to 24 

Anyone shed some light on any of these  particularly the HDL one  my doctor has mentioned statins last time because I have a blood pressure problem that is causing issues and I think he's worried about CVD 



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  • I don't know about the statins but I was given bp meds but have chosen to try natural remedies first. It's a tough situation. You try doing something to fix one problem only to find it may hurt something else. Just do the best you can and try not to worry. Know it's hard, always seems to be on your mind. Prayers for you to find the right thing that will help you!

  • Hi I am so sorry for you, and you are so young. I cannot help you with the blood issues, but I can give you some advice about your blood pressure. There is this amazing doctor called, dr caldwell esselstyn. He is a heart specialist and through diet only has been able to help people with heart conditions and and high blood pressure. The diet is strict, but not unbearable, please check out his books via the library if you can and/or watch him on YouTube. Hopefully if you can keep your blood pressure stable naturally it will help your kidney problem. I am going back on his diet as I need to improve my health.

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