Hi Everyone I'm new to this have just been told I have stage 3 ckd. My eGFR level is 58. I'm so worried about all this. I spoke to a gp on Friday and was told it was nothing to worry about they weren't concerned. I am 55 have not got diabetes or high blood pressure.So don't know where this has come from. I am over weight so am going to try to lose weight. Any advice would be good. I am trying not to worry but cant help it.

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  • janesmarty, Hi, try not to worry, but it's not easy is it?  Stage 3 can go on for  a long time, simply eating sensibly will help you, if you can lose some weight it will help you in the future and help you to stay stable which is the most important thing for you to do at the moment. I found out suddenly just over a year ago that I had kidney disease, and had to have my left kidney removed and right  one was decayed somewhat too, I am stage 4 at 26%e GFR,  and by being careful and sensible with food have stayed fairly stable, I'm 73.  I have found a lot of help and comfort  by joining a kidney site called Women's Renal Failure Support Group , there are quite a lot of different sites  you can get advice from and it really does help to understand what to expect with this disease,  you really haven't got to worry at the moment.  

  • urine test was clear so no protain or blood in urine so thats a good thing

  • Hi, sorry to hear your news but I echo what Janesmarty says. I'm 38 and had a similar experience last year. I've been advised to cut down on salt intake, drink 2-2.5l of water a day, eat healthy and exercise to maintain healthy bp. Insist on additional eGFR tests, sometimes infections or being on some antibiotics can cause dips. I've been advised that a full diagnosis would be over a period of time, not just via a one off test.

    Good luck

  • most people at 55 will not have full kidney function like as already been said stage 3 can go on for many years my husband now 60 was in stage 3 for at least 15 years that we know of he went very quickly downhill within a year 6 years ago caused by other things! so try not to worry it can make things worse & like the others say keep hydrated eat a good healthy diet & keep a good weight & hopefully you may stay at stage 3 for many years you can also have an improvement my mum who is 84 now was in stage 3 after frequent urine infections & kidney stones now improved slightly back to stage 2 x

  • Seriously? It`s normal to have kidney failure at 55?

  • Everyone's kidney function reduces as they get older.  Gfr of 58 is not exactly kidney failure (more like reduced kidney function). If the op loses weight and eats and exercises sensibly then she could stay at that level for many years.  I've got 14% (and only one kidney) - I've deteriorated very slowly (until nephrectomy), even then it has taken seven years to go from 35% to 14%.  

  • You would be lucky if you had 100% function at age 55 most people don't know they wouldn't bother to tell you as its a normal ageing process kidneys last many years like this! they don't seem to class it as kidney failure until you're right near dialysis level!

  • Iv`e been reading up on this, & apparently a GFR of between 90 & 120 is the top rate of kidney function. I have yearly blood tests for my thyroid & cholesterol, & although I don`t have kidney problems, The tests include liver & kidney function because of my age. I`m due for a test, so when the results come through I`ll ask what the GFR was.

  • I had my urine results back today and they were perfectly normal.Thats one less worry Phew

  • hi janesmarty,

    This forum is great, i was the same diagnosed with CKD 6 months ago(GFR58) out of the blue - what a shock! no other issues other than mild bp, around 140. im 52. I have lost weight and go to the gym for mild exercise. i changed what i do/eat; I dont dirnk alcohol or sugary dirinks - mainly water, approx 2ltrs per day, I eat no red meat, no processed meat or foods, add no salt and cook all of my own meals - ie no ready meals. I have found that eating vegitarian meals is very good for my overall health and kidney function. I suggest that you look at foods on the internet that are not hard to digest as allegedly this can impact on BP which in turn can effect GFR. My GFR appears to be stable, i prey it stays that way.

    The best thing to do is stay calm be positive and take control of what you can and get your GP to check you regularly.

    I have found that with a GFR of 58 the GP's are not concerned, and they seem disinterested, the fact is you want to stabalise your condition and do something about it. I had to fight hard with my GP to get him to take notice. He said i suffered with anxiety! which im my view he was creating!

    Take care of you and stay positive.....


  • thing is I'm not a,positive thinker and I'm a natural worried.I have increased my water intake I drink 2litres a day and I've increased my exercise routine I now do zumba twice a week swimming 3 times and increased my walking.Trying to lose weight as I amoverweight.thing is I also have thyroid problem and take levothyroxine everyday I have a feeling this is what has caused this problem.Everyone is telling me not to worry as my blood pressure is not high I'm keeping a check on it every day.My urine test came back normal also so doc says nothing to worry about but it's easy for them to say.As for diet I do eat a lot of fruit and veg but do tend to eat red meat as hubby likes I'm worrying that I'm eating to much of it though.And as for salt I don't add it to cooking or my meals but it us in everything so how do I keep a check on how much I have?I'm going out of my mind with worry about it all I don't cope well with illness.

  • I have not been told my cretinine figures only that I have a gfr.of 58and have ckd.stage 3a.

  • Hi Janesmarty

    I know this can be a concern (CKD). keep talking to people on this site it really helps, even if you only read their experiences. the wife and I loved a glass of wine or too over the weekend and getting a bit merry occasionally - she had to accept that i was not going to do this anymore, this was a change in me, now im always the nominated driver and have to watch others 'enjoying' thenselves but i have to be honest - i now think "what the hell was i thinking?" ! I dont miss drinking at all now. The reason for this story is the red meat intake. Your husband has to accept that this is just not your life now, if you want to cut down then just substitute your portion for a vegie burger or something!

    You really must find a way of easing your concerns, I'm looking at yoga and now hypnotherapy to ease the day to day stresses of the day and let go of the litle things. What i have found is that i was a 'pleaser' happ[y to go with everyone else and what they want. I have now started to do what i want a little more - painting, gardening, a classic car, and i have just bought a motorbike again!...these things are the things that calm me down after work or a crap day....Find a hobby or distraction to take you away from your everyday worries...keep busy....it may help :-)

    I wish you the very best

  • Dear One,  You know that being overweight may cause problems, such as pain in different parts of the body. I suggest you try to lose some weight.  Deo Volente,  by observing a proper diet and life-style, you will be recovered soon. I wish you health.

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