Ckd stage 3b gfr 43

That was when I last had a gfr bloods done 3 months ago. I have been to see my GP today as I am having trouble sleeping due to frequent urination at night and painfull cold feet that keep me awake also. I am experiencing fatigue and itchy eyes, and on top of this I feel run down and constantly feel is I have the onset of a cold. My BP is also raised. I am booked in for blood test next week.Does anyone else experience these symptoms above. Tessa

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  • Oh yes, I am up every 2 hours every night peeing, I have restless legs, cramp, itchy legs and achy arms, which keeps me awake. Nauseous most days, tired, breathless, it goes on . My efgr is currently 38. You're not alone, xx

  • Thanks Ginbobs, needed to hear I'm not the only one. I have been taking Omerprazole for my nausea first thing in the morning. I felt today that the GP I saw was listening. When my GFR was 43 I was told that I shouldn't be experiencing any symptoms at this stage so I just carried on and thought it must be me, that was 4 months ago.The GP today felt how cold my feet were, but fore some reason at night they get painfully cold, she also asked if I eat meat as I am really pale at the moment, and with this have raised blood pressure which will be a first for me. I hope that when I have my blood test on Tuesday the results will show something so I can get the right treatment. I work full time and at times find it difficult especially when I'm tired and often take to my bed when I arrive home. I will keep in touch with you as it would be good to have a virtual buddies to speak to. Tessa

  • Yes, please keep in touch, I also work full time and yes, it's hard some days, people don't "see" your symptoms so they don't think you're poorly, but all you want to do is go home to bed. I don't like giving in to this, and am trying hard to carry on. I am grateful for this forum, it does help knowing what others are going through. Xx

  • Hi, I'm egfr 8 and my doctor's still unsure as to whether my symptoms are due to my kidney failure! I've come to the conclusion it's something they're told to say at medical school. 

    Everything you mentioned, I have had at some stage. Keep an eye on your blood pressure.....mine was high for a while and my kidney function deteriorated faster at that time. Tablets keep it on track. Having a nice warm soak in the bath followed by a pair of M&S thermal socks in bed, also keep my feet toasty.

    Don't be put off by doctors apparent lack of sympathy towards your symptoms. You are feeling what you're feeling and as it's your body, insist your symptoms are treated.

    Best of luck, Margaret

  • Yes you can get all these symptoms early on I get annoyed when they say you should'nt everyone is different some people get no symptoms or very few even at dialysis stage my husband suffered from itching for many years when he was stage 3 which also my mum suffers from the same she's stage 2 & has been stage 3! tiredness also is a big symptom! they need to keep your bp down as well to help prevent further loss of function x

  • Have you had your iron levels checked?  as anaemia is quite common with kidney disease, and this does cause fatigue.

  • Not yet, having bloods done on Tuesday. So hopefully this will show something. X

  • I had the same problem like yours till y,day , my neprologist gave me a drug call tolterodine tartarate 1 mg to be use 3 times a day for frequent night urination , by the way what is your GFR OR CREATININE LEVELS AGE AND GENDER ? ,



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