eGFR 24, 19 year old female

Hi, i just wanted some advice, im a 19 year old female who was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy a year ago, i was just wondering whats the likely hood of multiple transplants. My first transplant is going to be within the next 1/2 years as my consultants want it before i hit dialysis. I presume they are wanting to save dialysis for later life.

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  • Hi Beanbags sorry to hear your news its hard to take in more so when you are so young, but to give you hope I was diagnosed with complete renal failure at 17. I had been ill for a couple of year before that, I had my first Transplant at 18 I went and worked in London that kidney lasted 8years this was 34years ago so things weren't anywhere near as advanced as they are now ..had my 2nd kidney at 25 and had a full life traveling working full-time getting married etc that kidney lasted 26yrs and at the age of 52yrs just 4mths ago had my 3rd kidney which is going well and I'm feeling good. So you can have multiple Transplants and live a healthy happy life so hope it all goes well for you xxx


  • Thanks so much for your reply Manbreak. Sorry to hear that you have poorly kidneys too. It's nice to talk to someone who's been in the same boat, I haven't met anyone else who is. Makes me feel really isolated  especially when I go to clinic and everyone is over the age of 70 and I don't even know if I'll get to that age. 

    I'm glad to hear your transplants have been so successful! Have they been from live donors or deceased donors ? 

    Take care :) 

  • Hi Beanbag my first kidney was from my Mum as I said that was 34 years ago so things very different now, the 2nd was from the list that lasted 26yrs this 3rd onr is from a very brave and lovely friend.........I have been lucky and only been on dialysis for 2 short periods .......I managed to stay off dialysis this time my egfr hung round 20-15 for about 4yrs so hopefully this will give you time to find a kidney ...... my advice is to try and stay as fit and active as you can I always have it defo helps you........

  • Thanks so much for your help:) I hope that your kidney lasts a long time :) 

  • If you can get a transplant before dialysis all the better your veins are preserved then for years to come & like manbreak says you can have multiple transplants you may be lucky that your first lasts many years take care x

  • Hi Phillen, a transplant before dialysis is the plan :) so once I hit a eGFR of 20 the search for a donor is going to begin. Thanks so much for your reply 

    Take care x

  • I hope you get one a lady in Bristol had her transplant for over 40 years so she would never need another one some last many years some don't!

  •  Dear friend- I have a Kidney transplant since 1982- I was 18--now at 52-- taking care to make sure I do not fall into Dialysis a 2nd time in my life-- if you can avoid falling into it and getting a Kidney b4--- your body /mind and spirit will thank you--   Danny- from Tampa-- I heard recently the same= some Md's will try to avoid Dialysis( Skipping that Underworld) I was there for 3 years-- slave to the machine-3 times a wk-- 4 hours a day-- I confirmed- now a days--  its the same :)--I hope this helps> my Cell is 407-758-9061--just in case

  • Hi MRLN thanks for your reply, I hope I don't have to do dialysis, it isn't much of a life. I hope that you have a nice day :) 

  • My Dear Daughter, I,sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, pray for you to be cured,heald,made well and successfully treated as soon as possible. I wish you a very healthy life in near future.

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