CKD/Virtual clinic appointments by phone

Out of interest is there anyone here who has virtual clinic appointments with your Nephrologist? (A telephone appointment).

As I am stable and have been the last few years at stage 3 my neph said as long as i get my bloods done as requested by them, I will receive my results online and they arrange a day and time to ring me to go over everything, it seems they are doing this with some if stable and to stop it overcrowding as such at the actual clinic.

However, blood pressure to still be monitored with family GP Nurse and at home, also urine tested with GP nurse.

I am in South Wales (UK).

Thank you.

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  • please feel free to contact our Helpline at 0845 601 02 09 to discuss this.

  • I have been at stage 3 for many years and have never been referred to a Neph. I was told by one Dr. that if everyone was referred at stage 3 it would clog the system,

    I have always had my blood/urine, and blood pressure done at my surgery, so you have been lucky to have seen a Neph, at stage 3, however I see you are in Wales, so it's obviously a different system there ?

  • Hi Dizzy d I had a kidney transplant 12weeks ago and my consultant was talking about that for me as I'm doing well and I look after myself and do everything I'm told also this is my 3rd Transplant.........must admit was a bit worried at first and am hoping it won't be for a while yet but I suppose if everything stable it saves the long waits in clinic and it stops the risks if picking up bugs in hospital.....

  • I have been told by the aftercare Transplant team anytime I'm worried or feel I'll I can get bloods done and let them know and they will see me.....

  • I am able to look at my results on Renal Patient View. You have to ask your nephrologist's secretary and they will put you on and send you a username and password. Ask your consultant if they have got this system, it's much easier to look at all your results online.

  • Hello dizzydi,

    Yes. I have just had a teleohone consultation with my nephrologist. It is 3 months since my last visit and any blood test I have had since at my GP's surgery are automatically uploaded on to my Patient View which I can access via my computer. I am level 4CKD and after our discussion about by blood pressure , which I have taken regularly and which is recorded at the GP's surgery, he will be telephoning me again in 3 months time. I might add that my blood pressure of 157/72 is the reason my kidneys have deteriorated and not my diabetes as I originally thought, though I have stopped taking metformin on the advice of my GP. I am 77 and at level 4 for the last year.

  • Hi Tigger26, thank you for your reply.

    So do you have telephone consultation with your Neph instead of having to attend the Renal Clinic?

    My first virtual appt outside the clinic was today but they never called. My telephone appointment was for 4pm, I waited and waited, then I decided to ring the satelite clinic where the Neph's usually do the renal clinic where I did go, and it rang and rang until it went to answerphone, so i left my details and explained I did not receive a call, it appears that the admin/reception finish for the day at 4:30pm, so I wasn't amused.

    I am not too certain but don't think the team of nephs i am under are there now until a week Thursday.

    It's long term high blood pressure that affected mine, but I did also suffer with reflux kidneys when younger, that's not helped.

    Anyway, I had my recent bloods done last week, dropped from 38 to 35 egfr in over 6months, all other bloods taken are in normal range, but as we know our kidneys fluctuate all the time, I don't think my neph will be overly concerned on that drop but I would still like reassurance from him.

    Hope all keeps stable for you. x

  • Thank you everyone.

    I also have my results through Patient View, so at least I can view them as they are in, which is usually the same day as having the bloods done, it really is handy, so with it being a virtual clinic appointment on the telephone this time round, despite me having the results, my neph will let me know if he is happy or not with recent results.

    The Neph still sends me the list on the order form on what bloods to get done but as I am a carer for my son with autism going virtual I think if stable is a great idea.

    I also record my home readings on Patient View, so my neph will also see them, and I still have them done with my GP etc.

    Thanks again everyone :-) x x

  • Hello dizzydi,

    Yes, I have a telephone consult with the nephrologist instead of going to the clinic. I was told when to expect a call and at what time, so unlike you, I was not kept waiting.

    I was not referred initially to the kidney clinic until I was at level 4 and I think that is quite usual unless there are other complications. I live in Sheffield and the trust here is a highly rated one so I think I am being well cared for in the circumstances.

    I too have my BP and other tests done at my local surgery and the result is notified to me by e-mail to look at Patient View for the result. I was very pleased with my latest result as my eGFR had gone up from 18 to 21.

    Please feel free to talk about anything you need reassurance with.

  • According to my GP there is no need to refer a patient to a nephrologist until Grade.4 as there are so few of them. In our area there are only 2 and they are both stretched working between 5 different hospitals. Sadly that is the situation so a telephone referral sounds OK to me and I would suggest writing a list of questions or worries and hopefully you will receive any help needed. Good luck. Best wishes. love Belle

  • Thank you everyone for your feedback.

    I did get to hear from the clinic, also by letter to confirm they are pleased with renal results which are stable and all other bloods acceptable. I was already aware of this anyway as I have them online on Patient View, but this was just to confirm the neph checked and is happy but the next appointment will be face to face in August (6 months time).

    So still stage 3 and it seems that as long as I am seen to face to face once a year that in between is the virtual clinic where no face to face is needed.

    Thanks again everyone x x

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