Is Juicing good for a low GFR?

I have recently started juicing to help lose weight. I thought by doing this it would help to raise my GFR and make me healthier. Now I am reading certain sites that say green juicing such as kale, and spinach is bad not only because of the potassium but because it can have an effect on your thyroid? If anyone has any information I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you JM

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  • The best way to eat your five a day is in its natural state, not a juice. The fibres are broken down when juicing and the sugars in fruit and veg are released, it seems we end up digesting more sugars, my husband actually put on more weight because of this. Kale and other crucierous vegetables are not good for us raw, they do have some effect on the thyroid (goitrogenic effect) they also contain a sugar called raffinore which need the right enzymes to digest, we don't have this so the sugars go into our large intestine still intact and fermented by bacteria which then gives us gas. I still eat these vegetables at the moment, I'm at 17% kidney function but boil them first it's not great! but it gets rid of some of the potassium, I also crisp them up in a low heat oven. Wash first with some vinegar ( natures cleaning agent) dry with towel, spread out on an oven tray, sprinkle with olive oil. I think juicing isn't as good as we are made to believe.

  • Chin 69 and JM --

    I just read Chin 69's post after I recommended the book "Smoothies for Kidney Health. I will take into account what Chin 69 says about effects on the thyroid gland the sugar called raffinore. Thank you for the information.

  • hi chin best thing for kidneys is to reduce protein intake red meat..or meat gravy and also look up Tibetan mushrooms on google good for detox.

    im on 7 percent kidney function and still doing manual work 6 days all the best chris.

  • Thanks for your helpful tip, I feel well and just came back from skiing and managed to ski all day for 6 days last year I was very lethargic and had cramps so skied less, not sure what happens to body really, since falling to 17% from 23% in 4 months I'd expect too feel worse. Thanks for the protein tip, my iron gets really low I've had the injections which help for a few months, it would be good to have red meat but I know it's bad. I still work as a cleaner twice a week, and have a gym which I use regularly, I cook all our meals without salt or ingredients that contain salt, I think it helps a lot. We have a sauna at home which helps detox. Are you on dialysis? Do you get tired sometimes? How much water do you drink? I hope I can stay at 17 or gain a bit, I have done in the past. Thanks again for text.

  • Just looked up Tibetan mushroom and I was using it last year, making it every night, I know it as Kafir. Unfortunately I killed it when I went on holiday, it went all weird and brown. I am going to order some more.

  • Thank you.

  • JM --

    I think you're right that kale and spinach should not be included in your juicing plans. I bought online, "Smoothies for Kidney Health" a paperback book that features what the authors call "pale smoothies" made with lettuce. The book features, Smoothies for Most, Smoothies with reduced Phosphorous and Potassium and Smoothies for Dialysis. One author is an RN. I believe the other is a dietician.

    I've also read that beet juice is good for kidney health and reducing hypertension, and that incorporating beet juice in beverages has been shown to be more effective for men than women. If I find the article, I will post information about it. I just looked at the index of "Smoothies for Kidney Health." It lists "Beets, benefits of," and recipes for incorporating berries.

  • Thank you Jay kay

  • Hi jaykay 777 I make the beetroot smoothie no problems with it, I'm now going to use lettuce, I read that it can aid sleep, although for me I can always sleep. I'm not against smoothies but I'm carful about what I make, so as not to have too much sugar or fructose. I'm sure the book is well researched. I hope to take a look at it soon.

  • hi to jm 26.....loads of juice will only fill you up with loads of sugar..

    look up Tibetan mushrooms on google great for detox... im on 7 gfr

    and im still working full time construction.. regards chris

  • Thanks I really appreciate every ones responses

  • It would only be a problem if you have trouble with your potassium levels being too high or if you are on haemo dialysis as you can have potassium overdose which can be dangerous! please ask your gp or renal team before making changes to your diet if you already have kidney problems! as not everyone should cut down on protein my hubbys protein is too low in his blood tests so is forever trying to increase it with food problem is he has high phosphate levels & higher protein food has higher phosphates! everyone is different!

  • Thank you phillen, I hope you and your husband are doing well :)

  • Hi jm. sometimes I feel you just cant win.... high potassium level...that's what my husband was told.... he cut down on bananas and that sorted it. There is always something abnormal on the blood tests but frequently 2 months on that particular problem has been resolved. At the moment the nephrologist has agreed with me that all things in moderation is probably the best way to go. We wait and see but in the meantime enjoy life as much as you are able. Good luck, keep well. Love Belle x

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