CKD Stage 3, Apple Cider Vinegar/Bicarb of Soda

Is there anyone here that adds Apple Cider Vinegar and or Bicarb to your drinks/water or food to help your kidneys (if not restricted)? If so do you find it's helped you or not? Have you had any improvement with your kidney function numbers?Please share with me, thank you. I am at Stage 3 numbers @ 38rGFR 129CR, thanks again much appreciated.

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  • For Bicarb, Doctor suggested Nodosis, 2hrs before meals (both lunch and dinner). It controls the parameters to some extent

  • Hi there dizzydi..... My husband takes sodium bi-carb. capsules.... 2 three times a day to keep the system alkaline or so the nephrologist told us. His kidney function was 27 now quite steady in the 30s at present going the right way. Hope it works for you also.... Love Belle x

  • I'm on sodium bicarbonate tablets twice daily to bring down my potassium level which I think it's more aimed at than improving eGFR to be honest.

  • Isn't Sodium bicarbonate bad for the kidneys as its like eating salt?

  • i would like to know if this is help full i have urinary tract infections doctor has tried all the antibobics but nothing as work did hear this might help.

  • I take apple cider vinegar in water every day and my GFR used to sit around 53 (lowest 49). Last test I had October was 59 and last week 58, so it 5 or so points up on average. Sure it's the ACV because it stayed in low 50s for years before the ACV.

  • I am doing it now, my kidney transplant dropped from the normal range of 60 to 46 after a 3 day stay at the hospital, , but after 33 years of the transplant, I will do anything natural to make it go higher again,thanks for the Tip, Danny from Tampa

  • Was wondering if you take bp meds

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