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When being treated with medication to control blood pressure to slow the progression of CKD, what is the ideal blood pressure to be effective ?.My blood pressure is around 115/69. In take Losartan, Alopurinal and Omezprasole. My current eGFR is 29. I started treatment 8 years ago when my eGFR was about 40. I feel I have been fortunate to have this result. I hope the rate continues to be slow. I am 77 years old. Is the blood pressure I exprience correct ,it used to be higher at about 120/80, but the last few months it is at the lower figure mentioned. In the last 2 months I have been taken of Amlpdopine with no adverse affect.

I look forward`to your comments


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  • Hi there

    Your blood pressure is fine, as long as you have no symptoms like dizziness on getting up or feeling faint.

    You are doing amazing keep up the good work x

  • Hi Christine, how are you ? Hope you are making a good recovery following your heart problem.... We had an awful Christmas and New Year with a dreaded flu-like virus which seemed to go on and on. Husband had 2 lots of anti-biotics as he had a bad chest infection... Worried his blood tests would be poor but pleased his eGFR was 37.... so off to Gran Canaria for February....keep well, hope your sister is progressing also. Thinking of you. Love Belle x

  • Hi Belle

    I am doing fine thank you. My heart seems to be holding out well. Caroline My sister is also doing very well has now had her 4 th Chemo and she is coping extremely well. Early signs look very positive for her. We managed to go out for our Christmas dinner and just had a nice quiet time at home afterwards.

    I am so sorry to hear you had a rough time over Christmas but you now have a lovely holiday to look forward to. We are on holiday in March to America and a cruise around the Caribbean if I can get insurance! I see the cardiologist at the end of this month and hope to get a definitive diagnosis then I will try again.

    Have a fantastic time in Gran Canaria relax and rest you deserve it.

    Love Christine x

  • Hi Christine, Lovely to hear from you, we are off to-morrow so last time on the lap-top.... Franks only remaining sibling Pauline lives in California and we have been there many times over the years. Last May we returned from Spain and Pauline, her husband, son, wife and 2 little boys were here. They stayed in a local premier inn, we saw them everyday and enjoyed their 10 day visit. Pauline and her husband are off to Vegas at the week-end (happy memories) and in March going on a Caribbean cruise. They would have loved for us to join them but the insurance wow wow....Its bad enough for Spain and the canaries but managed to get an annual for £1, will have to do as many trips as we can ha ha.... Maybe you will be on the same cruise, their surname is Galloway, lovely couple good if you met up with them... Enjoy the States and the cruise, sure it will be wonderful. So happy you are doing well your sister also... good news for a change.....Catch-up when we are all home.... Will be thinking of you with best wishes and much love... Belle xx

  • Dear Friend, I also hope that the rate of your eGFR not to come down any more. I am not a physician, but I think the number you mentioned for your blood pressure is good. I think paying more attention to your diet and life-style will help you. Any way, I wish you a healthy long life.

  • Hi bazballs 1.. your blood pressure sounds good to me. My husband was on a beta blocker but his BP dropped to 83 over 38 bit too low and yes he was dizzy as Christine suggested might happen. Now taking diltiazem but again BP dropped too low so diltiazem reduced from 120 to 60mg...nephrologist hopes to increase this to 90mg in March when we come back from the Canaries. We leave to-morrow and hope to spend February there....Feel as though we are carrying a chemist shop with us as he too takes allopurinol (NO MORE GOUT) fingers and toes crossed and emeprazole together with apixaban, sodium bi-carb.....Latest blood tests showed eGFR 37...... was 27 end of August last year. Stay strong and enjoy life as much as possible, all good wishes. Love Belle x

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