Kidney lobulation

Hi everyone my first day on this site. Was just wondering what kidney lobulation means I have had scans before as my left kidney is smaller than the didn't show up on the earlier scans and just wonder what it means and if I should be worried. My doctor said she would write to a consultant for advice . I would like to get as much information as I can so I know what to ask when I see her again. Thanks X

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  • In some people this lobulation continues after birth and into adulthood. This is usually a benign condition that does not cause symptoms.

    Pain or discomfort should always be investigated. Have you had any blood tests?

    If not a U&E creatinine clearance and eGFR would be helpful. This will show how well your kidneys are functioning. A quick test of your urine will show if you are excreting protein. These tests could be done quickly and pt your mind at rest, or point your doctor in the right direction.

    Hope this helps

    Best wishes Christine x

  • Thank you for replying. I have had a ct and blood taken. The doctor said the lobulation was not on the other scan I had a while back. The kidney function is borderline what ever that means. I had a text from the surgery saying the hospital team will contact me direct which I find strange as the doctor told me it was nothing to worry about and didn't mention anything about referring me etc. I am not going to stress and will not go to the doctor in a hurry. I have a problem with my thyroid which I take medication for but since my thyroid went haywire I seem to be getting everything going and every time I see my GP they seem to find something else wrong. Thank you so much for your advice.

    Best wishes June xx

  • I wouldn't worry I was referred very early in my journey with kidney disease. GP's often feel that this is out of their sphere of expertise so will refer quickly. He will have written to the consultant and asked for advice and the team will find it easier to see you and assess your problems direct.

    Often the Medical secretary will arrange an appointment with you so they will contact you. This is due to the amount of referrals they get, they have to squeeze you in somewhere.

    Just stay calm and I hope all will be well

    Christine x

  • Thank you. I am sure it will be fine. It's no good worrying before I know what it or If anything is wrong .xx I am normally a very upbeat person but just wondered what kidney lobulation is as I can find nothing on the net.

    Thanks again take care xx

  • Hello dragon. When i was 18 years old i spent a week in hospital with a bad kidney infection and i also found out i had lobulated kidneys. My doctor explained it like this. When we are in our mothers womb our kidneys are a fluffy cloud shape and when we are born they go to kidney bean shape (hence the name) , but what happened is mine and yours didnt change. And we have fluffy cloud shaped kidneys not the usual bean shape. And also he said 10% of people have them and live normal lives. I do, however i have had the odd kidney infection over the years. But no evidence its down to the fact they are lobulated . Hope this helps. Im now 32

  • Dear Kimmie

    Thanks for the info I also keep getting infections but mine usually start as a bladder infection. I have had two bladder repair ops over the years and just waiting for a date to have Botox in the bladder to try and stop the sensitive bladder Issue. I was signed off with the nephrologist who also told me that most people live near normal lives. I only have one working kidney the other one is very small but not working. I'm not too bothered now and just going to carry on as normal. I am 67 and they think the small kidney was due to polio as a child. I'm not so sure as have had several mri scans in the past and it was not picked up on there. So who knows lol. My kidney function is good so it's not causing a problem . Good luck


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