Kidney stones

Hi all im new to this just need to no if i should bother the kidney specilists again after i passed a 5mm on my right side and the 3mm on my left side is i think still their as the doctors left it. This was 4-5 months ago. Now iv got same lump and pain on my right side again and its never really felt the same since i had the camera operation thing. Any advice ill be gratefull

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  • When I passed a stone and rang my renal consultant, he had me go in for a chat. I know I got a letter later saying he couldn't do anything later.

    I would let them know, and watch yourself, make sure you are drinking lots. Any serious pain, sickness or temperature, take yourself to the hospital immediately xx

  • Will have to go see them then

  • Dear Sir/Madam, First of all, I wish you a quick cure and a healthy life. Then, I think you should brush up your English so that others can understand what you exactly mean. Any way, I pray for you to be cured as soon as possible.

  • My English is good thank you

  • Dear Friend, Don't get upset. Of course your English is good.

  • Keep in touch with your GPas kidney stones are very painful and can course infection any serious pain or sickness or temptress drink lots of water get to hospital right away xxx

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