eGFR 22/Creatitine 2.39

Most of my life I have had hypertension. It has been under control via meds and some changes in lifestyle. In the last 9 months my BP was topping at at 250 for my systolic. I was in the hospital and I went from 4 meds for bp to 7! My BP came down but recently my kidney results are getting worse. They have back down some of the meds and still trying to find a happy medium. Anyone else have this happen?

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  • Not had this happen personally (my bp is very low), but do know they like to get the bp as balanced as they can as it is that that causes problems. Hopefully, once that is sorted, your kidneys may settle down. Keep us updated xxx

  • Thanks. My BP has been pretty low and the nephrologist thinks that it doesn't think my kidneys liek it that low. I have another blood draw and urine tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • High blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney failure, so you should attach importance to it and bring your blood pressure down as early as possible.

  • My BP has been pretty good with all the 7 meds I take. I hoovers around 100 for my systolic. They are taking some meds away to lessen the load on my kidneys. So we will see.

  • Hi Salgal..... My hubby has had low blood pressure all his life and his eGFR went down to 27 creatine over 200 and then referred to a nephrologist. Neph. ordered sodium bi-carb. capsules 2 three times a day to keep his body alkaline, and told to drink more water to keep kidneys flushed. However although he had gout attacks in the past the attacks became more frequent until they were only 2 weeks apart. Then he gave allopurinol 100mg had another gout attack, had to stop taking it until the gout settled. Then it was increased to 300mg and after 2 months no more gout. His creatine level is around 150 now and eGFR 36 so happy with that in such a short time, first saw the neph. end August. The weird thing is that now his BP is a little high !!!! makes no sense as other levels much better. As you say, we wait and see. repeat bloods next week and neph. again 11th December. Was your hospital admittance due to your high B.P.? I ask this question as the neph. went through my hubbys records and found his kidneys took a hit every time he had an infection such as... tooth abcess, chest infection, gout etc. upon recovery his kidneys recovered somewhat also. In his opinion his low eGFR is linked to any and all infections, inflammatory conditions etc. I guess there are many reasons for kidneys to mis-behave and we are all different. Do hope things settle down for you and enable you to have a good quality of life pain free. Love Belle xx

  • Yes my hospital stay was due to high BP. After 4 hours in clinic and then 6 hours in ER they admitted me.

    Thanks Belle! I will keep you updated.

  • So everyone is saying their Creatitine is in the hundred but mine is 2.39. Are we all talking about the same thing?

  • Hey friends... here is an update. As I shared before I have been 7 meds for malignant hypertension for a while. At my last few blood/urine tests my kidney functions were not doing well. My BP was getting too low and affecting my creatitine, gfr etc... so they backed me off 3 meds and still too low. Now down to 2! This would be the first time since grad school I am not on at least 4 meds! I have no protein in my urine so they are concluding that the BP is now too low. My fear is that my BP will bounce up too high again and have to be back on meds. My last creatitine yesterday was 2.2 and gfr was 21. Any thoughts?

  • Here is another twister. So my BP was getting too low and the GFR was bad. Then thye pulled some meds back out and then it went up to the 190's and 200's and then my GFR went up to 54 fro 29. So they slowly put me back on some meds. I a so frustrated. Any suggestions?

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