kidney problem?

I am off to see the specialist on Monday. I have been referred by my doctor, his letter to the specialist says I have a marginal drop in EGFR and mildly raised ACR. I had a scan and all looked ok. My mum died of kidney problems.

My ANA is positive, ESR is high and I have just been diagnosed with MGUS because of free light chains (proteins) in my blood (they have said I don't have myeloma) they don't treat MGUS its watch and wait.

My kidneys and my legs ache a lot every day. Any ideas what I should be asking or expecting?

many thanks

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  • Do not worry. I sincerely pray for you and wish you a HEALTHY life.

  • I agree with aadd4444. I would try my best not to worry, as I have learned that it can make things worse. Right now I would be sure to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. After you see the specialist they will probably give you suggestions as to what you may want to do. I hope this helps. :)

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