I am type two diabetic and while living abroad I was on Metformin.. My kidneys were 25 but I was still kept on Metformin. Returning to this country I was immediately taken off this drug and my number went up to 31. I have been ill recently and had blood test and have been requested to see my Doctor as the blood test was only yesterday and I see the doctor tomorrow I am worrying myself silly. I was looking for information when I came across this site and decided to join.

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  • Hello Rosabeth,

    I don't think you need to worry. Like you, I was taken off Metformin when my Kidney function was at 22 (Level 4). Since then my kidneys have improved to 28 and I now do a glucose test with a lancet and a glucose meter to monitor my type 2 diabetes So far,

    by being very careful with my sugar intake I am doing very well at managing it. I don't know what your Gp plans to say to you but I would advise you to deal with things as and when they arise rather than fearing the worst. Most GPs only have your best interests at heart so just wait and see.

  • Thanks for your reassurance, seen doc kidneys steady at 31 same for15 months. It's my liver that's causing concern but not too much repeat blood test in one month. I have been type two for about 9 years and am on insulin and manage my levels very well but have recently been very ill and my readings have been haywire with hypos all the time the main problem was not being able to eat properly but have been home from hospital for nearly two weeks now and they are stabilised at last. I did panic thinking it was my kidneys after such an upheaval. I feel a little better every day so hopefully my liver will settle too.

  • Hello Rosabeth,

    I'm so pleased the blood results weren't as bad as you imagined . I hope you can continue to maage you diabetes on the insulin. Keep up the good work

  • Thanks Tigger, I have never joined anything like this before and can't believe how your messages have made me feel better. My family are great but they don't really understand how I feel and I do try to play things down as I don't want them worrying all the time. Thanks again keep well.

  • Hi Rosabeth.

    Like you, I was on Metformin for type 2 Diabetes until I suffered Kidney problems following a quad. heart by-pass. All my medication inc. Metformin was changed as I am told the drugs I was on would further damage the kidneys, I have found it much more difficult to control the sugar. with the drugs I am now using. These include Insulin & saxagliptin. It is a nuisance but seems like a balancing act between kidneys & diabetes.

  • Hi Roseabeth My friend is a grade 2 diabetic and her kidney function went down to 25 and she was and still is on metformin. Opinions vary in the medical profession, try not to panic, your levels can increase again. My hubby though not diabetic was 27 end of August and now 36....Your GP may suggest you see a nephrologist and the one who my hubby has is really good, his philosophy seems to be.... all things in moderation.... quality of life is important..... he always has helpful suggestions..... he stresses not to worry.... it does not help..... often hard to do of course. You say how ill you have been and hopefully all things will improve as you become well again. Good luck. Love Belle x

  • Hi Bellefrank , I have already posted this but I don't think you can have seen it. I am on insulin and while living in Spain was also on Metformin and my reading was 25. Back in the U.K I was taken of Metformin and my readings have risen to 31 and staying steady at that. I did see a nephrologist in Spain but he said I was ok I had signs of ( cant remember) but it means hardening of the kidneys and my doctor would monitor me which he did but still kept me on the Metformin. I am able to control my sugar pretty well. I have a very disciplined mind and only occasionally have something I shouldn't. I wouldn't be human if I didn't but I think a little of what you fancy etc,the operative word being little.i am also lucky in not having a sweet tooth so no sugar is easy for me.i do have to watch the carbs though. I like the sound of your husbands nephrologist he seems to think like me. Take care Regards

  • Hi Roseabeth. Had problems with my lap-top so think I lost some communications. Please tell me what is the food that seems to trigger gout. Anything that may help is worth a try.....Will let you know what the nephrologist has to say. I enjoy seeing him as he is certainly not depressing quite the opposite.... I was concerned about going to Tenerife for just over 3 weeks but he said.... you must go.....will give you my mobile number so if concerned ring me.....Its all a confidence booster. Keep well. chat soon. Love Belle xx

  • Red meat. Mushrooms, shell fish and tomatoes. Orange juice these spring to mind but there are quite a few more. These can be eaten in moderation but I have axed them totally and will in the future have a small amount occasionally but never very much. All foods that contain purines are to be added to the list. Go to google and ask for foods that trigger gout and then you can read all the information. I do read quite a lot but I am very sensible about it I don't imagine that everything I read means me. If you can't get the info I will look it up again and give you info that I can't think of at the moment but I have given you the main ones. One thing it does say is the one thing you should never eat is liver. I did have a bad attack after drinking tonic water, I was suffering from cramp in my calves and was told by a podietrist to drink tonic water, I did, by the gallon and the quinine caused a bad attack of gout. I don't drink any alcohol I never have but it doesn't help gout if you do. Everything in moderation is fine ( except liver) but I think it best to really give up all the offending foods until it settles down. I did read that it can take up to two years to clear the crystals from the joints but I am not sure if you can really clear them completely. I thought it worth a try and it's worked for me if your husband gives it a go I hope it works as well for him too. there is still loads you can eat. Good luck. Let me know if you can't get the info on Google. I tend to stay with the NHS sites as I feel they are more likely to be accutate.

  • Metformin is posion for kidneys unfortunatly my wife was taken off this drug too late.

  • I am so sorry your wife had the metformin. I am lucky that my doctors took me off it when they did. It seems that a lot of people are still on it though. Thank you for replying to me it is appreciated. Rosabeth.

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