GFR of 54

I am 44 yrs old. I had a surgery about 3 months ago and noticed my GFR was low. The Dr preforming the surgery said all my other labs were in normal range and that it probably wasn't an accurate reading. My family Dr said your GFR should be above 60. I have tried doing research to see what I can do to improve my GFR and every site is so confusing. I just had another blood test done and I am waiting to see what my GFR is and I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if your numbers have improved? Thank you for any input.

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you're having trouble. I'm stage 3 CKD with an eGFR of late 50s. If you've been unwell, taken antibiotics or anti-inflammatories this can cause dips in eGFR. Mine recently dipped to 40 because of antibiotics for example but was back up to 59 a week later. The blood test is really the only way of knowing what is happening but it sounds like there's a few reasons that could explain the dip. Good luck and I hope that your next GFR test result is fine.

  • Thank you. I wasn't aware it could change for those reasons.

  • Yes i agree with Matt R if you have been unwell it can cause a dip! Try not to worry untill you have had a few results they look for a trend x

  • Thank you. I didn't know that either.

  • Hiya, I agree with what these lovely guys have said, try not to worry. You usually have a few tests as sometimes the readings are not actually accurate. Mine is standing at 38eGFR, I was diagnosed with CKD when I was 43, but stable between 38 and 43eGFR, drink plenty of water if your not restricted and the best of luck on this result, please kep us posted and keep positive ;-) x

  • I really appreciate your response and I will definitely keep everyone updated. :)

  • Well I finally received my lab work back and my GFR is now at 61, although I am still confused some people say this is CKD and others say it isn't? I am however grateful my number went up even if it was slightly and I appreciate everyone's replies

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