Low kidney function?

I'm a 26 y o female who has recurrent UTI infections (every few months or so). I have just had comprehensive bloodwork done and noticed that my GFR is 69 out of a range of 90-9999. Although this was still considered normal by the GP!

I'm worried as I'm so young for kidney failure. I don't have any symptoms apart from the UTIs.

I half British and Guyanese, if this makes any difference.

Can anyone advise? Thanks

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you've not been well. Have you been on Antibiotics? Sometimes this can cause a dip. Trimethoprim can cause significant dips in GFR for example. GPs generally don't worry about anything above 60. Sometimes if you've been unwell, been dehydrated, not eaten well your GFR can dip, hopefully this is why. I've had something similar and asked to be referred to a urologist. Hope everything turns out well.

  • Actually I finished a course of Trimethoprim the day prior to the bloodtest, so hopefully that is the culprit! Anyhow I'll wait a few months before having a repeat test.

  • Here the GFR near normal.So the patient can repeat the test after a few weeks if required.

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