37 year old husband has eGFR of 75-worried about future

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask some thoughts about what is going on with my husband.

My husband gets regular bloodwork every 6 months for a pituitary tumor so a couple months ago we started searching what his eGFR means (we never really searched it before and it was never brought to our attention by his endocrinologist)

Anyway, we went back a few years and it's been ranging between 72-78 (up and down).

In our searches we read it should be over 100 or at least over 90 right now and that it will decline 1 point a year and now we are very worried about what will happen as he gets older. We are worried when he is in his 50s his eGFR will be in the 60s, then when he is in his 60s it will be even worse and so on.

Is it definite that his eGFR will lower like this (1 point a year) and he will be diagnosed with state 3 or even 4 later in life?

We are extremely worried as he has been through so much already.

Thank you so much in advance.

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  • I found the best sort of information about eGFR was on the National Health Choices website. Type in CKD in the enquiry box and you should get some answers. It will tell you about the different levels of eGFR which is good information.

    I hop you will find this useful

  • Hello Rose95, I'm so sorry to hear that you and your husband have all this worry. I don't know how quickly his kidney count will decline, but if it is of any comfort, I have had CKD for 40 years, although no one told me until recently. I was only sent to a specialist 3 years ago. Before that I just knew I had to have a test each year. Anyway, I am now in my seventies and my count is 34 and I saw the nephrologist last week and he said I was at Stage 3b and my kidneys should be adequate until I pop my clogs of something else! He also said anything between 60 and 90 would be good. (I presume he meant for most people) and that plenty of people my age are walking around quite happily at Stage 3b. I was so relieved that he doesn't foresee any great problems in the future as far as my kidneys are concerned. I hope this may bring you some reassurance, although we know that everyone is different and what is good for one person might not be for another.

  • Dear Madame, According to what I have learnt from the Internet, 120 is the best for the eGFR. It also depends on the age, height, weight and even the geographical place where somebody lives. GFR stands for "glomerular filtration rate". Glomeruli is a cluster of tiny blood vessels in the kidneys that filter blood. the waste is excreted through the urinary tract. Through good diet(eating,drinking,activities,lifestyle etc.) we can prevent further damage to the kidneys. GFR below 60 suggests kidney damage or kidney disease. GFR 15 and lower suggests kidney failure. At the stage of kidney disease, protein must be limited. Sodium or salt must be limited. Glucose level must be controlled. High blood pressure must be controlled. Lifestyle(as regards activities) must be changed. Fresh vegetables and fruits are very beneficial. Some of the CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINES are useful. Dear Madame, don't worry. I hope your husband will be cured soon. We must try to keep the eGFR stable where it is and ,if possible, increase it and anyhow, we must try not to let it come down below 60. Dear Madame, DO NOT WORRY.

  • egfr is the kidney function 100 is 100% so your hubbys function is 72 to 78% it can go up & down quite a lot depending on if you have been ill or not in as in your hubbys case! its best not let yourselves get worried over it you cause your selves more stress !

    my hubby had egfr at 45/50 for many years & they don't seem to send you to see a nephrologist these days until around egfr of 30 or less you just don't know how quickly or slowly things can decline everyone is different its not worth getting worried about if it seems stable even on dialysis my hubbys altered from 7 down to 5 then back to 7 again! unless they notice a steady decline they won't do much they say a lot of people don't have 100%! Its good that they are including it in the blood tests! take care x

  • I wouldn't worry about it too much. My son is 19 and has a GFR of 70 which has been caused by the chemotherapy he received as treatment for a childhood cancer 2 years ago. Our renal team have said although it is stage 2 kidney disease, many people can live their whole life with a GFR of 70 with no ill effects. Some people are born with one kidney which gives them a GFR of 70 and they can live a whole healthy life without ever having this diagnosed. Everyone has a slightly decreasing function of all organs as we grow older and you will just stress yourselves out worrying over it. There's no treatment that the doctors can offer, and in the UK they don't advocate changing diet to reduce protein intake etc (which is what some DRs in the USA recommend) As a family who've faced cancer first hand I know it can put you in a state of heightened anxiety! Hope this allays your fears. All the best

  • Thank you all very much for your replies. I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond.

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