ckd and back problems


i have just found out i am stage3 ckd. i have fatigue, itching and leg pain. i was also diagnosed with upper lobe emphysema when i was 47 ,i am now 51.

over the last 12 mth i have been admitted to hospital twice for severe back pain, the doctors suspected prolapsed disc ,but they would not scan me to confirm this,

does anyone else have any similar problems.

i don,t feel my doctor is taking me seriously, i am sure my kidney and back problems are related.

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  • Hi Jeannay, those are all symptoms that I have experienced recently. My current diagnosis is CKD Stage 3 also, after my GFR fell from 59 to 47 in a few months, I'm 33 years old. Symptoms that you describe are the same as what I had, it was those that led to the blood tests that uncovered my kidney issue. I now have a consultant and I'm having a nuclear renal scan in a few weeks to check for scarring and the blood flow. Have already had a standard ultra sound. I also have anaemia which doesn't help the tiredness. I'm very fortunate that my GP has been brilliant at pushing things on quickly and my local renal unit are fantastic, they have been looking after my dad for 28 years. There are a lot of great people on here with lots of knowledge that I have found very helpful. Laura x

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