Hi friends, Christine, Phillen, Dawn Jjlinden and everyone. Hubby and I saw the nephrologist on Friday. He was so disappointed that my guy had yet another gout flare-up. It began the Friday before so colchicine for a day and a eased but still there a week later. The neph. hoped the 100mg allopurinol would prevent attacks but he was only able to take it for 6 days when the flare-up began so had to stop. His recent blood tests showed a little improvement egfr 31 from 27, potassium bit high so no bananas with porridge for breakfast. His treatment is..... back on the colchicine for another day and as soon as symptoms disappear then 200mg allopurinol a day for a week followed by 300mg the 2nd week onwards. His HB was 111 a bit better than 103 so seemed happy enough with that. The sodium bi-carb had done their job as levels were normal. More blood tests to-morrow, seeing our G.P. for prescription before we depart for the Canaries on Tuesday 22nd.Sept. The neph. was very keen that we enjoy our holiday, nothing banned just all things in moderation. Will see him again 3 days after our return.....He also kindly gave us his mobile phone number, prefers that we ring at anytime for advice and also help us with confidence. Fingers crossed all will go well. I mentioned febuxastat Christine and he replied it was similar to allopurinol its just that he has more experience with the latter. Anti-biotics good to take with us you we will be a chemist shop, a big bag of hand-luggage. Hope you are all well, take care....... Love Belle xx

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  • What a shame it flared up again! And for such a long time too, poor chap 😫. Hope it stays away for your holiday, have a great time! X

  • Hi Belle

    Sounds good, hope you can relax a little now and enjoy your break.

    Stay well and remain as positive as you can

    Love Christine x

  • Have a great time x

  • Hi Belle

    I do hope you both had a lovely holiday.


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