I have stage 3 kidney disease [ 37 ] creatanine 127 platelets below normal at 120.

I have been feeling very tired recently but a blood test revealed that I'm not anaemic.

However I noticed on the print out sheet it stated " Rouleaux formation present, Red cells show Acanthocytosis " my Dr. didn't seem concerned and said I could have another blood test in 6 weeks time. Has anyone heard of this ? I did google it and it seems it could be a form of anaemia, the info was a bit confusing or I'm a bit thick !!!! I am a bit worried as I know that with kidney disease you can get anaemic.


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  • Hi bowler

    I am no expert in bloods but sometimes the strange things you have seen can just be there because you have had a mild infection. Wait and see what the bloods show in six weeks before you start worrying. I am just hanging on to stage 3 renal failure and although all the doctors tell you that you should have no symptoms they are wrong. Tiredness is a feature of kidney failure so it could just be that simple. I just listen to my body. Hope all goes well just rest when you need to.

    Best wishes Christine.

  • Thank you cmcginily and Bluebellgirl

    It could be that I had/have a mild infection, I do have gallstones so maybe that's why the "Acanthocytosis" showed up,? maybe my gallbladder is inflamed ? [ I have a hospital appointment next week re the gallbladder ] I also have Giant Cell Arteritis which also causes inflammation, but the inflammatory markers were ok with that, Perhaps I am worrying too much and will wait till I have another b/test, I did have an ECG not long ago which was fine, however I do have hypertension which is controlled by Ramipril.

    I did have a feeling that the Dr. I saw [ Locum ] didn't know much about Acanthocytosis !!

  • im hanging on to stage 3 also.crearine 1.9 bun 38 gfr 36

  • I too have stage 3 CKD and only have one kidney. I also had a bowel resection. Both last year. This week I went to the GP as I was feeling very tired and cold all the time. I also had headaches and was breathless. He checked me over and said I had a heart murmur. Perhaps you need to be checked over too. I hope you get things sorted soon. Take care. xx

  • Hi, at a gfr of 37 I was probably slightly more tired than normal (I'm 15 gfr now) - could it be possible that you are starting a cold or something like that? Since having reduced kidney function any type of cough or cold has really affected my energy levels. Just a thought..... x

  • How long have you had gfr of 37,mine is 34

  • My gfr has fluctuated over the past 5 years ranging from 45 to 37 I had a blood test a few days ago and it was 38, next week it could be

    40 !! My creatinine is always a bit high, at the moment it is 127

  • My gfr is now at 15. I had a nephrectomy at about 35% 6 years ago and my function has gradually reduced since then. I'm now waiting for my second nephrectomy and then I'll be on immediate dialysis and then hopefully a transplant (from my sister). Hope you keep stable.

  • All my best wishes for your future transplant, and not forgetting your sister

    regards bowler

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