Should I have urine test

Hi all I feel a little pathetic as I know a gfr @85 is not that low but it is lower that the norm for my age which is 38. My concern is that my doctor has not mentioned anything it's only that I requested a copy of my blood test results that I know my gfr is 85. I would have thought that my doctor would have requested a urine samlple or am I worrying too much. My dad had pkd and died at the age of 54 so I do worry alot. I did have a ultrasound at 32 to check pkd which I requested and as far as I know it was fine.

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  • Best not to get too worked up it is alarming but that is 85% function eat a good healthy diet keep your weight good blood pressure down no smoking, just what they recommend a "normal" healthy person to do, you can stay at the same level all your life! it is not a death sentence even on dialysis some people live many years my hubby has been on dialysis nearly 5 years now he's 60 soon! & had ckd all his life! he spent about 15 years at stage 3 function before declining more a urine test is not a lot of use unless you have a suspect infection blood tests are the main way to test your function & can vary as to wether you have just recovered from an illness like a cold etc if your gp thinks you need further investigations they will send you so try not to get stressed out it only makes things worse!

  • Dear. I think u r ok. So no tension about it. Pls just maintain it. no need to any test or investigation such rang of GFR. Thank U.

  • Hi Sidmok

    I can understand your worries I too have PKD and lost my Dad to it at age 61.

    The first thing I would do is ask for the results of the ultrasound you had at 32 to ensure you don't have the disease.

    With an egfr of 85 you are only just below the normal range. The test can vary especially if you were dehydrated when you had the blood test.

    The main things to do are keep good control of your blood pressure - this is important as high blood pressure puts strain on the kidneys.

    Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, diclofenac, voltarol tablets or cream these are real enemy's of the kidney.

    Drink plenty of water, if you can it is best to avoid coffee and any sort of coke or pepsi. De caffeinated tea is fine as are green and herbal tea.

    Keep as fit as possible, maintain a good working weight you don't have to be skinny though lol.

    I am 58 and have an egfr of 35 I am still working part time as a nurse in a children's hospice. I really do understand where you are coming from and remember we are all her to listen and help where we can x

    Best wishes Christine

  • Thank you for your replies, will try to calm down a bit. This seems such a good place for everyone to talk. Wish this communication was around when my dad had kidney failure but that was many years ago.

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