My husband saw our G.P. this morning and his blood test showed a CKD of 35, it was 37 four weeks ago and 56 last December following an implanted pacemaker. He thinks the blood thinning medication apixaban 2.5mg twice a day maybe affecting his kidney function. Apixaban is deemed to be better than warfarin but I wonder if anyone else has had a kidney problem with this? He is to have a further blood test in 4 weeks and following the result see the cardiologist who prescribed this treatment.

The good news is his white cell count has returned to normal, his gout has settled down and the doctor prefers not to prescribe allopurinol or febuxastat at the moment. Thank-you Phillen and Christine for your reply, hope you are well. Belle

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  • My husbands cardiologist put my hubby on warfarin (he has atrial fibrilation) as he thinks the alternatives are not suitable for kidney patients! there seems to be a lot of difference of opinion! i know the other pills you don't have to keep having your INR blood tests with! but your GP may be right!

  • As you say so many differences of opinion. My husband also has atrial fibrillation with low heart rate called bradycardia hence the implanted pacemaker. It was thought by the surgeon that apixaban was less damaging to the kidneys than warfarin !!! I admit I was pleased he was not prescribed warfarin mainly because of the blood tests and also for dental treatment as apixaban tablets need only to be stopped for 48 hours or less. We await a further bloodtest result on 24th August and maybe then look at the differing opinions among cardiologists. Thank-you for your helpful comments. Belle

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