hi, my boyfriend has been diabetic for many years ,not very well managed

hi, hes not managed it very well at all, rarely takes his insulin,doesnt eat the right foods,thats when he bothers eating, he can go days without eating,hes done it for years, doesnt go to his check ups, :(, the nurse called out two weeks ago,to take bloods as not been done for years, then the dr rang and said he needed to see boyfriend the next day. and more tests were done, but this time sent off to a specialist,boyfriend sometimes has problems weeing,and also has retrograde ejactulation, any idea why the dr is panicking, hes not saying a lot to my boyfriend, just saying wait till blood tests come back, does this sound like could be kidney issues, .thanks

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meant to say he,s had bad issues with weeing and things for over 18 months, is it likely he could go straight to level 5 ,or does it normally start at level 1, thanks



Hi I am sorry your Boyfriend can not control is Diabetes ? But he will suffer later on in life


Retrograde ejaculation can also be a complication of diabetes, especially in cases of diabetics with long term poor blood sugar control. This is due to neuropathy of the bladder sphincter.


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