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I don't know if I should be worried or not. I am 63 and live in Spain I have had several routine bloods done.

Feb 2013 filtrado glomerular 78

May 2014. 77

Sept.2014 89 potassium 5

May 2015. 75 potassium 5.3

All the doctor said to me this time was lower intake of tomatoes and chocolate to lower potassium level and drink 2litre water a day. When I asked about glomerular she said 60-100 OK. Should I be doing anything else and do you think this could escalate to renal problems? I also have osteoporosis so eat yogurt a day and walk a lot. Can't tolerate calcium so I stopped it, but it seems yogurts have loads of potassium. I am confused and if honest a little bit scared.

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  • Hi, I am 48 female at stage 3b PKD, my GFR is 34, so your GCFR is fine, just make sure you drink plenty of water and watch your salt intake and blood pressure.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Having explored this forum I can see there are lots of soles out there with mega problems. I feel a bit of a wus now. It just seemed like everything I consume contains potassium, and that's bad for me. Will continue to drink plenty of water, cut out the bananas and see how it goes. My blood pressure has always been very low. Is your GFR stable or does it fluctuate and what is your treatment? Do you know what causes the kidneys to misbehave or is it mostly the luck of the draw. I admit to liking wine but rarely drink it without food, what I know I do wrong is not drinking enough fluids. I am not a great tea or coffee fan, I only have one hot drink a day, water is my main tipple, but as I rarely feel thirsty I can forget to top up. I am getting obsessed again..sorry. Thanks again.

  • Hi, I have polycystic kidney disease, stage 3b, my GFR has steadily over the years dropped. That;s great if you don't drink tea or coffee. I drink tea and water but no fizzy pop as my left kidney agree with the fizziness. I also keep off tomatoes. Have you ever hd a scan of your kidneys, or does your doctor check your urine and BP. My kidney disease is hereditary, my father had it, my uncle, their father and so on. Take care, Belinda

  • my husband is on dialysis & i know a fair amount about diet keep your yogurts as they are a valuable source of calcium for you unfortunately all fruit & veg have pottassium some higher than others as you know you can't cut out everything as you do need a certain amount just cut down a little of the very high i have heard soaking veg & rinsing several times before cooking helps & never reuse the water that you have cooked them in apart from that as you sat tomatos & bananas are very high also jacket potatoes! as the highest content is in the skin!

    you sound like you need to drink a lot more if you can water is great the best & a glass of wine is no problem at all my hubby still has a glass of wine a couple of times a week & a whisky every night!

    above all don't let yourself get stressed over it it makes your bp worse just do the minor changes & hopefully you will be fine for many years to come!

  • Thank you so much for replying phillen. I am a little easier with it all now. It came as a bit of a shock as I am quite fit and have always had low BP. I am forcing myself to drink more, which is getting easier as the temperature is high here in Spain. Could you answer this. If my urine isn't strong does that mean I am getting rid of the potassium and kidneys are doing their job?

    Regards agnes

  • usually if your urine isn't strong that is a sign that you are not dehydrated so that is a good sign that you are doing the right thing! if its dark then you are dehydrated cloudy or blood stained is infection hope that helps It would be a shock when you have always looked after yourself you sound like you are giving yourself the best chance by doing that!

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