Could I have a bad liver from alcohol??

Could I have a bad liver from alcohol??? I'm 26 I have been drinking alcohol everyday since I was 17 and my mum died of cirrhosis of the liver five years ago. I had a liver test done in January 2015 and everything came back normal except in vitamin b12 deficient, but lately I keep getting pains under my right ribs, after the results I carried on drinking heavily its only the last two weeks I've cut right down only drinking three times a week in worried could I of cause damage in the last four months on average id drink a bottle of lambrini a night and on the weekends a lot more alcohol

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  • If you continue exceeding the daily recommended alcohol units you may well be creating health problems for yourself. Perhaps now is the time to stop as you are clearly worried, before too much harm is done.

  • My friend drank everyday even when she cut down it was more than the recommended amount she died in December in her case her Pancreas stopped working she looked terrible as she became full of fluid and it had no where to go, the doctors tried different things to save her but it was to late. When she was drinking we tried to help her, her husband took her to doctors and therapists, but at the end of the day it was her desision only she had the power to stop.

    You know you drink to much and need to stop completely so that your liver can heal. Can you do this? You need help.

    As with my friend her dad drank everyday and he also died because he was so drunk one night he walked into traffic and was run down. Perhaps you should go to your GP first, also find out if your organs are working fully. But you need to find that place in your heart and courage to live! make your own path not follow your mum. She made a mistake and if she were alive and well would tell you not to be like her. Your so young you need to enjoy the world around you, do you like to travel, write, draw go on bike rides, what do you do with your days?

    Please seek help, you may be healthier than you think because you are still young but don't throw your youth away.

  • Leanne, I used to drink alot when I was your age and into my thirties- the lads from work used to invite me out all the time. Saiid I was their "mascot ". Then I started with pain under right ribs, but like you worried about it but did not stop. Too much fun. My gall bladder gave out after the op I could not drink without pain the following day. Docs could find no reason, liver was okay, pancreas looked okay but my body would not let me drink. Haven't now for 25 years, sometimes wish I could.

    Stop for a while now before you cause any more damage and end up like me, teetotal. Used to it now but regret not listening more carefully to my body when I was young.

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