First post. I had a terrible lower back pain for some time which was excruciating, my GP put me on 2 weeks of Celebrex and ran some blood work. Then i started having this frequent nightly urination, about 6 times every night and some fever too. I went back to my doctor, he prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics (augumentin) and ibuprofen and says it was a viral infection.

Even though i felt some relieve, i kept feeling tired, my scalp became sensitive to touch and painful. So i decided to run a kidney test and it came back at CKD 55..i just completed my 2 weeks medication and hoping that my next test after a month will have some improvement,.

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  • I just turned 40

  • If you do have impaired kidney function, taking Celebrex and ibuprofen are just about the worst medications you could have taken.ALL anti-inflammatory drugs are toxic to the kidneys.You need to establish what is causing your kidney problems and I would ask your gp for a referral to a Neprologist.When your kidneys start to fail, quite often it is a progression until they fail completely.This usually happens over the course of many years but it is essential to find out what is causing their decline, and if possible, reverse the problem.I have had declining kidney function for over 20 years and now only have 14% kidney function left.This has left me diabled and only able to walk about 20 yards.You must do everything to avoid such a situation.That said, you will probably find your kidney function will return to normal post infection.But it is essential to find out if there is an underlying kidney problem.

  • Yes, an infection can certainly make your kidney function look temporarily worse than it normally is. Good luck with the retest!

  • Ibuprofen should not be taken when you have problems with your kidneys!

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