Kidney charities "stunned" to have been told this week (20 Nov '14) dialysis will no longer be a prescribed service on the English NHS

Guys if your on this community we need to make sure our voices are heard this is worrying and is only part of what the government is planning on doing to OUR nhs.

The petition went live yesterday and already has over 13 thousand signatures.

Please show your support -

There is also a film to raise awareness of the privatisatiopn of the nhs which includes stories from doctos, hospital staff, lawyers and health care managers I think if you aren't already aware then this may come as a shock.

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  • Wow! This is really bad news. My next door neighbour is on dialysis. Does this mean it will stop? Not sure how it will affect him.

  • If you can't afford to pay for it yourself what form of treatment are they offering.

  • Where can I read about this

  • Hi. You can read more here:

    Also, you can sign the petition here:

    And send an email or letter to your MP (NKF's suggested text on the bottom of the last email):

    You can find your local MP here (type in your town or post code to the right "Find your MP"):

  • Actually, you can see where your MP stands in terms of voting on a number of different issues, including health, search here:

    (I wasn't impressed with my MPs record on Health... :-s )

  • Any more news about this


  • This is not about whether patients are loosing free access to dialysis its about the control of dialysis treatment being moved from NHS England to Clinical commissioning groups, patients are unlikely to notice any difference.

    If you don't understand the terminology don't go panicking people with stupid uninformed posts, this sort of thing represents everything that is wrong with internet forums

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