Hi everyone,

My husband has IGA and was diagnosed last year he now has a GFR of 42 Creatine of 158, can I hear from anyone with IGA? Your story ? What may have helped you keep your kidneys stable, he is taking high blood pressure medication but that's all, was wondering if fish oils helped changing diet? It's never been stable since we found out it was 50 last year so it's a slow progression, just thinking will he end up with needing a transplant? Just it can be as high as 50% of people with IGA end up with ESRD.

Would love to hear from anyone :)

Thank you


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  • Hi, I am female aged 47 was diagnosed with CKD when I was 32, I am on blood pressure and cholestral tablets, my kidney function is 35% and my renal consultant says I will go on diaylsis in the next 3 years and go on a transplant waiting list. I have only been told just to eat fruit and veg but I think I do need to see a dietician because I tend to go off my food, I think fish would help, try and keep off crisps.

  • Hi Belinda,

    Thank you for your reply, how can your consultant be so sure that you will end up with renal failure? my husband's consultant said he can't be sure he will end up needing a transplant, its the not knowing that freaks me out! His GFR was 64 in 2010 now its 42 with well controlled blood pressure every time we see the Neph it does go down by a so I guess that paints a dim picture for us. I've heard a vegan diet is the diet for kidney failure but whats the joy of that :(


  • Hi Rebecca, pkd is hereditory in my family and everyone in my family have had to go on dialysis and then have a transplant. my dad was 60 when he went on dialysis, he then had a kidney transplant and it failed but my dad had lived an unhealthy life due to other health issues, my dad's brother had dialysis and also had a transplant and he died from something else and not kidney failure as it functioned ok(he was in his seventies when he passed away). I've been told that I will go on dialysis, I am checked every 6 months and six months ago it was 42 now it is down to 35%, I will be checked again in 4 months time to see what my kidney function. I will be under St James Hospital,Leeds and they have 6 transplants a week which are very successful. I've been told just to eat as normal, I don't drink or smoke but I do eat whatever I want but I do try and limit myself to crisps, chocolate, sweets. They don't like to refer you to a dietcian till you are receiving diaylsis or transplant, I think they try to say just eat as normal but watch crisps/potassium. How old is your husband? how does he feel on himself?

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