CKD stage 3B ???

My wife (38 yrs) having viral meningitis on 7th may 14 and recovered fully in a week time with some anti viral IV at hospital. During routine test her creatinine found 168 and GFR about 32% (since thee it varies 144-171 & GFR 31-37%) . Also protein leaking from urine about 4gm. Her GFR was 70% in Jan 13. She is not diabetic or high BP. Her MRI shows some inflammations in the kidneys. It is just 6 weeks from the infections and lots of medicines. Can any one guide whether it can be from the infections or any other reason? And can GFR level improve with stopping the protein leaking? We are too much worried...can any one help please....

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  • Unfortunately , I am not a doctor, but would assume that the GFR went down due to her being ill and some infection and the inflammation of her kidneys (which could be the sign of the infection). My GFR has gone up and down over the years. I went from 40 to 23 because of an infection. It depends on what is wrong with your kidneys. I have "failure" not disease, so GFR can go up. Drink plenty, watch the diet and the usual advice.

    Again, I am not a doctor, this is just what I am thinking after reading your question. Hope she is feeling better soon. x

  • i agree with googie things can improve it is still early days from the infection it takes time to recover from such a serious illness! try not to worry too much my husbands creatine was always up & down also my mum was in stage 3 at one point but has now improved again to stage 2 she's 82 so she's pleased!

  • Hi googie found that bit about failure not disease interesting. How do you know the difference. Been diagnosed with ckd 3 with falling and rising gfr over last few years. Had liver transplant 2010. However. In hospital at moment and the gfr had dropped from what i can gather to 18ish creatinine of nearly 300. It was 40 gfr week before. I have had infection and doctotr was talking about systemic, acidosis and failure. Waiting on seeing renal at moment. Being treated and lot better. But confused and everything is wait. Dont expect doctor answers just your experience if you wouldnt mind.

  • Thanks to all of you for your valuable advise. Her biopsy is planned 10th Jul 14. Do you know whether biopsy is fully safe....and also doc said treatment will be start only after biopsy, if any. Then why so long waiting....we are little puzzled .

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