Hi there my partner has just been diagnosed with Mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis. Hes struggling to get his creatine down and is on MMF

Has anyone any experiences of MMF.....and foods to avoid...thanks so much. My dad has cancer and I know all about it but this is a curved ball i didn't expect and I'm finding it hard to learn about the condition let alone support him through it

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Hi aec79 - just lost my reply so will start again! I have a similar condition and am on MMF and prednisolone. You say you know about MMF so you know about being careful to avoid infections. In my case it excludes foreign travel because my kidney function is only 14%. Diet-wise I keep to the CKD diet . There is a very good source of information on the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Renal site:EdRen.org.

Hope this is useful and that things go well for your partner.



Hi Manon, thanks for your reply. I'm aware that MMF is an anti rejection drug and so has immunospuressnt qualities. I think i'm going to have a fight with the diet side of things...He hasn't been advised to change diet etc and I don't want to nag but I know its important. I'm quite surprised that he hasn't seen a dietition. He's just started the Epo injections as his hemoglobin is quite low but at least he doesn't have to have a transfusion at the moment. Thanks for the info...hope your journey doesn't have too many battles...


Hi aec79

hope you are both well.

Have you checked out web sites to do with MPGN/ DDD, MPGN .

Is your partner, stage 1/2/or3.

let me know.

speak soon.


Hi AndyAbi1,

Sorry for the very late reply!

He's now on the verge of stage five after drug induced hepatitis which has caused loads of new problems including high blood pressure and an aversion to Epo....Im struggling to deal with it at the moment to be honest!


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