What can I drink?

My partner has recently been told by her doctor that her kidney function has reduced to 30% and as well as being referred to a consultant at the hospital she has also been referred to a dietitian. In the meantime she has searched online for what she can eat and drink but at the moment is only drinking water and cranberry juice. Is there anything else that she can drink - she's cut out all coke and even tea due to the caffeine content and milk content etc?


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  • don't cut out too much yet as you can make your life a misery unneccesarily you do still need certain stuff my husband still drank tea & coffee perhaps & his limit for milk is half a pint you could try decaffinated tea my husbands friend who is on hemo drinks filter coffee but not instant its different for everyone but the instant has more pottasium! so just be sensible really she needs to wait untill she sees the dieticien as she may not be drinking enough if its not what you fancy my husband still drinks tea & a whisky now & again & he is on dialysis he's never been told not to drink it! hope this helps & puts her mind at rest!

  • Wait until she see's dietician but until then most drinks are ok but obviously steer clear of alcohol. I have been on my diet for over 40yrs, it's not too restrictive but their are certain foods that she will be told to avoid, some you wouldn't think are harmful to kidney sufferers- spinach, broccoli to name just 2. I was also told not to drink tea but could continue with limited amounts of coffee using coffeemate or the equivalent instead of milk. Salt should, of course, be restricted but do not use a Lo Salt substitute, it is extremely high in potassium.

    Like any diet be sensible ,the occasional lapse isn't too harmful.Tell her not to worry too much & good luck to her.

  • I agree with feduplady about reducing the salt in the diet , I would also say ease up on the cranberry juice as one glass per day might be ok , but reduced kidney function means too much can do more harm than good . A sensible diet is what I have stuck to for the last 22 years , even now whilst on dialysis sensible is the key thing . Avoid processed foods , ready meals, Cola, Salt , coffee , boil potatoes even before roasting helps , At this stage the dietician will be advising her to still eat as healthy a diet as possible by making fresh meals rather than ready meals , reducing salt , finding alternatives to tomato based sauces where you can, .

  • Thank you so much for all your replies. It is much appreciated.

  • don't think caffeine and milk are the issues. it's high potassium coffee- unless potassium levels are ok. essential it's increasing fluid intake that helps flush out the toxins that your kidneys used to do that will help whatever you drink. you'll be less tired.even alcohol is not the issue as long as moderation. it 's the liver not the kidney it harms. alcohol is a prob if get dehydrated. I can give u an extract from my book on the strict diet that will help eg low salt. low potassium and lower protein. its about a page long.

  • Fenal, if you could give me the extract that would be great. She is tearing her hair out at the moment as there is so much conflicting advice and she cannot stand drinking anymore water!

    Thank you so much

  • I'm at 20% and drink most things without problems! obviously water is good also cordials! herb teas I enjoy the fruit ones, I also drink a small amount of milk especially for the calcium plus soya milk. Don't worry too much as once you get to dialysis things become a lot more strict. Eat healthy fresh food, no salt and not too much meat, don't cut out too much as iron is good for you. Alcohol in moderation is also ok for now.

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