Protein leak and smoking

My husband is diabetic, CKD 3.

He is a smoker and tried several times to give up but could not. He has almost 3.7 gms of

protein leak in his urine. His S. creatinine is 1.4. His Hb is 12.7. He feels tired and has lost

about 4 kg. Being diabetic has made the situation worse. He hates salt restriction and other food which he is not able to eat.

He stopped going for his walks. It looks like he is given up and does not want to make any effort to fight the disease. I do not know how to handle the situation.

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  • could you persuade him to talk t his GP about how he is feeling he sounds depressed this must be very difficult for you

    my husband gave up smoking if he can do it anyone can he cut down but for 20 years just could'nt give up that last 1 or 2 then he had heart trouble also as well as kidney failure & gave up straight away he found food & drink tasted better

    & that was 7 years ago! he's never looked back he also has a restricted diet being on dialysis

    if he is good with his diet & low salt intake eats healthy & gives up or cuts down even the smoking he may live years before (if ever) needing dialysis but giving up his walking will not help as its the most gentle & best exercise you can do!

    do you have the same GP if so maybe you could speak wth them & ask their advice my husbands gp is different to mine (same surgery) but he told me to come & see him anytime if i need to! hope this helps sandra

  • I was a smoker and struggled for years to give up . Until one evening after dialysis , I had to stop several times whilst walking round to the shop to go buy a packet , by the time I got home I had one cigarette outside before going to bed , The next morning I thought that it was ridiculous if I could not walk to the shop to buy them then I should not be smoking them , I have not touched once since nearly 3 years on now. I found reducing salt in food whilst cooking and not adding salt after things are cooked was the way to go , You need to get him back into walking as keeping active will help his mood along with helping to maintain better blood pressure , I think he will only stop smoking when he is in the right frame of mind , Like i did after years of failing to try.

    Change of diet , I found reducing the foods that should be restricted gradually over time worked for me , Trying new recipes till I found foods I liked worked along with varying the variety , If he has gone off food like I did for a while , I got into keeping snack foods in the fridge , things like cooked chicken , fruit , and pasta salad so I could just pick as I wanted till I eventually got my appetite back . Has he had his Iron levels checked , I had to have IV iron when I was at stage 4 ,

    I bet you feel like giving him a good shake and telling him to get on with it ........ I think all people when they hear about their health go through a what the hell phase , It will be finding a trigger thing to get him going as in something to look forward too, may help .

  • Thanks so much . Hearing from you all really keeps me going. I am so thankful to the forum and all the members for sharing their experiences.

    Have an appointment with his diabetic specialist on 30th jan.. Hope I get to talk to him. I will be going to the appointment with him.


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